Mount Kerinci, Exotic and Challenging Volcanoes

Mount Kerinci, Exotic and Challenging Volcanoes

Has a height of 3,805 m above sea level, making Mount Kerinci the highest peak on the island of Sumatra as well as the highest volcano in Southeast Asia. This active volcano is located in the border area of the province of West Sumatra and Jambi Province. The last Kerinci volcano erupted in 2009 and has various nicknames, namely Mount Korinci, Berapi Kurinci, Mount Gadang and Puncak Indrapura.

The mountain that rises high in the sky of the city of Jambi saves a million charms and potential for interesting and almost perfect geotourism. Kerinci mountain climbing path itself can be said to be quite challenging, perfect for those of you who like challenges.

Mount Kerinci Ascent Path

Mount Kerinci, Exotic and Challenging Volcanoes

To get to the top, tourists can take the main climbing route, because to get to the top there is no other alternative route that can be passed. One of the climbing routes that can be taken is starting from Kresik Tuo Village, Kayu Aro District, Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province. Kerinci mountain climbing takes two days, so you must carefully prepare all the equipment needed. And it is recommended to be with a travel guide if you are a beginner.

Mount Kerinci, Exotic and Challenging Volcanoes

In the course of your climb you will be presented with natural scenery that is still awake with a variety of flora such as rafflesia flowers, mahogany trees, giant suweg and many more. For the fauna you can watch long-tailed monkeys, cuscus, elephants, tapirs and various types of birds. The best time to visit Mount Kerinci is between July and August, because at this time the dry season and Mount Kerinci are visited by many tourists. But in August there are often many strong winds at the top of this mountain. Therefore the climbers must have a strong immune system and body.

The beauty of Mount Kerinci cannot be expressed in words. Both in the morning enjoy the warm sunrise moment, during the day with the cool mountain air and the late twilight afternoon enjoying the sunset, or at night with the starry sparkling sky. the charm of Mount Kerinci It is always magnificent.

Mount Kerinci, Exotic and Challenging Volcanoes

Behind the beautiful charm of Mount Kerinci that is so exotic and challenging, there is also a high risk of climbing. For this reason, you should always be careful when doing a pedicure on this mountain. Usually bad weather makes the climbers get lost and lose their way. Feeling challenged to explore the beauty of the famous Mount Kerinci on the island of Sumatra? If so, start planning from now on.

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