Explore Interesting Tourism Recommendations in Makassar City


Makassar Tour, hmm, what comes to your mind when you hear those 2 words? Do you know the attractiveness of the Capital City of South Sulawesi Province? Not only recommendations for delicious culinary delights in Makassar City, IamIndonesia will invite you to explore recommendations for interesting destinations in Makassar City.

Enjoy Peace in Ramang-Ramang Village

Explore Interesting Tourism Recommendations in Makassar City

The first exploration in Makassar City was Ramang-Ramang Village, 40 KM from Makassar City. Ramang-Ramang is a village surrounded by mountains with views of the lake in the middle.

We highly recommend coming around 06:00 in the morning because the air in Ramang-Ramang Village is still cool with a calm atmosphere. Here you can go around in Ramang-Ramang Village and explore some of the leading spots of Ramang-Ramang Village, for example wading through the Ramang-Ramang River, seeing Diamond Cave, taking pictures, and enjoying the Natural Stone Park.

For you twilight connoisseurs, drinking coffee in this dim village is also one of the leading destinations to enjoy the beautiful sunset. So, will you choose to enjoy the calm morning or the beautiful sunset?

Enter the Turtle-Shaped Oldest Fortress

Explore Interesting Tourism Recommendations in Makassar City

Open the door to insightful exploration of Makassar City. You know, the city of Makassar has the oldest fort and has an architectural form like a crawling turtle. Its name is Fort Rotterdam Makassar, located 5 km from the center of Makassar City.

Apart from being famous for its unique architectural style, we can also see the place where Prince Diponegoro was imprisoned during the colonial era. Apart from being a cultural site in Makassar City, currently, Fort Rotterdam also functions as an office for the cultural center of Makassar City. There is also the La Galigo Museum to study the history and culture of South Sulawesi.

Visit the Icon of Makassar City

Explore Interesting Tourism Recommendations in Makassar City

You haven't been to Makassar if you haven't visited the unique Makassar City Icon in the Losari Beach reclamation area. It's called the 99 dome mosque. Did you know that the 99 domes in this mosque represent the name of Allah SWT which is called Asmaul Husnah. Apart from being a favorite spot for taking pictures, the 99 Dome Mosque is also a religious tourist spot, especially during the month of Ramadan.

Around the 99 Dome Mosque is very crowded at dusk, because the sunset view here is very beautiful. Don't forget to take a trip to Losari Beach, which is not far from the 99 Kubah Mosque. There are many activities that you can do at Losari Beach such as playing jet skis, canoeing, and traveling around on tour boats.

Tasting 2 Types of Coto Gravy in Makassar City

Explore Interesting Tourism Recommendations in Makassar City

The city of Makassar is very famous for a food called Coto Makassar, this food is often used as a breakfast menu by Makassar residents. Did you know that this food has 2 types of sauce.

The first, Coto Kuah Hitam Makassar, this type of Coto is commonly found being sold outside the Makassar area and is most often in demand because of its spicy taste that makes the tongue wag. You can try this type of black sauce in several famous places in Makassar, such as Coto Nusantara and Coto Gagak.

Both Coto Kuah Putih Makassar, for those who prefer the texture of coto sauce which is savory and creamy. Makassar white soup coto is the most appropriate choice for those of you who don't like puddles of oil in coto sauce. Coto white sauce is only found in one place in Makassar City, the name is Coto Daeng Sirua.

Enjoy the Addictive Delights of Konro Karebosi

Explore Interesting Tourism Recommendations in Makassar City

 Who here is a fan of beef ribs? We recommend that you stop by the culinary icons of Makassar City, Sop Konro, and Konro Bakar at Konro Karebosi. Grilled konro, is served with an abundance of peanut sauce with a crisp smoky aroma on the outside and soft meat on the inside. As for processed Konro Soup, it has a softer texture than beef ribs. This dish is the most suitable to accompany your dinner in Makassar City.

Makassar City Mandatory Snacks at the Muda Mudi Restaurant

Explore Interesting Tourism Recommendations in Makassar City

Okay, after having a heavy meal in Makassar City, it's time to enjoy a snack at one of the typical Makassar snack basecamp restaurants, namely the Muda Mudi Restaurant in Makassar City.

It is mandatory to order Jalangkote here, even though they are often said to be similar to pastels. Jalangkote is different from pastels because it has a thinner and slightly sweeter skin texture than pastels. For the filling for jalangkote, there are various kinds of chicken, beef, goat, fish, and even horse meat. To enjoy jalangkote, we need a sauce to go with the spicy and sour taste.
It's incomplete to eat a snack without enjoying the freshness of Pisang Ijo Ice or Palu Butung Ice which will add to the completeness of your vacation in Makassar City.

In your opinion, which destinations have we not had the chance to visit in Makassar City?


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