Enchanting Natural Tourism, Turns Out It's in Serang


Serang Tourism presents a variety of typical Banten charms that make you want to come back for another visit. Serang itself is a city in Banten Province. So, this city can be a destination for close healing and refreshing for Jabodetabek residents. To get here, you just have to drive for 2 hours from Jakarta via the Jakarta-Merak Toll Road!

Many people do not know the City of Serang. Serang City itself is the capital of Banten province. If you look back at history, the position of the city of Serang is important, considering that this area was the center of the Banten Kingdom and became one of the trade routes which was quite busy. Now, Serang is better known as the City of Santri.

So, what kind of tours can we find when visiting this Santri City? As it turns out, the city of Serang has quite a variety of interesting and quite inexpensive tourist destinations. You don't need to prepare a massive budget to be able to enjoy a vacation here.

Most types of tourism that we can find in Serang are guaranteed to be "rare" places to find in big cities. Of course, it is very different from other tourist attractions in Banten, such as the Tangerang city tour.

Starting from beaches and islands with panoramic views that are suitable for washing the eyes of old historical buildings. You can find and visit everything at once in this one city, so you can be satisfied with your vacation.

IamIndonesia this time has summarized some of the best tourist destinations in Serang that you can visit whenever you have free time. Get your notes ready and let's start our adventure in the city of Serang!

Sangiang Island

Enchanting Natural Tourism, Turns Out It's in Serang

 As a citizen of a tropical country, vacations to the sea are sure to be a favorite of many people. If you are tired of visiting the beach all the time, you can try visiting small islands like Sangiang Island! This one island is managed by the surrounding coastal community. Sangiang Island is also still beautiful and even has rows of mangrove forests too.

Sangiang Island is also suitable for various diving activities in the sea, such as snorkeling and diving while "greeting" underwater flora and fauna. Another uniqueness is the view that this island has to offer is amazing, such as a very beautiful sunset view and a very clean stretch of white sand.

Ticket prices: Starting from IDR 400,000 (open trip)
Address: Cikoneng Village, Anyar District, Serang District, Banten 42166, Indonesia.
Opening hours: 24 hours

Karang Bolong Beach

Enchanting Natural Tourism, Turns Out It's in Serang

This beach offers an unusual view, namely a towering giant rock, but a hole in the middle seems to form a short tunnel. Karang Bolong Beach occurs naturally, and of course, you can make it an object to a super aesthetic and rare photo background.

The stretch of sand on Karang Bolong beach is still clean and white, in harmony with the clear blue sea water with relatively calm currents. This makes Karang Bolong Beach very suitable for activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving. You can also just "relax" while waiting for the sunset view in a relaxed manner.

The facilities provided for tourists visiting here are also quite complete, such as bathrooms, toilets, parking lots, and places to relax. Several stalls provide food and drinks that visitors can use.

Ticket prices: Starting from IDR 15,000
Address: Karang Suraga, Kec. Cinangka, Serang Regency, Banten
Contact: 0817-7023-1986
Opening hours: 08.00 am - 06.00 pm

Dua Island

Enchanting Natural Tourism, Turns Out It's in Serang

Dua Island Nature Reserve has its uniqueness in terms of geology. This island is formed by two islands separated by a path that can be passed by visitors. On the left side of the island, there is a beach with fine white sand and on the right side of the island, there is a black sand beach which is rich in mineral deposits.

Dua Island is also unique in terms of biology, this 30-hectare island is a habitat for at least 1000 species of endemic birds that can be found around the island. Apart from that, this island is also a suitable place for snorkeling and diving activities due to the presence of quite a lot of fish and coral reefs.

Ticket price: Free
Address: Sawah Luhur, Kec. Kasemen, City of Serang, Banten 42191
Opening hours: 09.00 am - 05.00 pm

Mount Pinang

Enchanting Natural Tourism, Turns Out It's in Serang

Are you an adventurous traveler, a lover of adrenaline-pumping activities? If you're in Serang, let's try the challenge to "conquer" Mount Pinang! This mountain is only 300 meters above sea level, not that high, and can still be climbed by those who don't have much hiking experience.

One of the things that make climbing Mount Pinang spur of adrenaline, is because this mountain is still an active volcano. So, before you decide to go up to the mountain, don't forget to consult the local management.

Along the way, you will be spoiled with unspoiled forest groves and a serene mountain atmosphere. To make your experience even more beautiful, don't forget to try to catch the sunrise or sunset on the top of the mountain!

Eits, there are also tourist attractions here. You can find a variety of interesting rides and dozens of beautiful selfie spots to capture the best moments while you're here. Complete facilities right?

Ticket prices: Starting from IDR 10,000
Address: Sukadalem Village, Waringinkurung, Serang, Banten, Indonesia, 42453
Contact: 0896 7108 5215
Opening hours: 07.30 am - 05.00 pm

Speelwijk Fort

Enchanting Natural Tourism, Turns Out It's in Serang

Founded in 1682, Fort Speelwijk was established by the Dutch colonial government. The remains of this fort are still standing strong today, although they are not 100% intact and most of them are just ruins of buildings. Fort Speelwijk is one of the cultural sites protected by the government.

This fort was originally built to carry out two functions, namely as a defense if the Kingdom of Banten suddenly attacked and as a residence for the Dutch citizens who were on duty around Serang. This fort became one of the icons of the "robustness" of the Dutch colonial position in the land of Banten.

Now, this fort is used as one of the cultural and historical attractions in the city of Serang. You can visit this fort at any time with a relatively cheap entry ticket price.

Ticket price: IDR 10 thousand
Address: Pamarican Village, Banten, Kec. Kasemen, City of Serang, Banten 42191
Contact: 0823 1191 9797
Opening hours: 24 hours

Tourism in Serang is a lot of fun, right? Where do you most want to visit?


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