Lake Sentani, A Hidden Paradise in the Land of Papua

Lake Sentani, A Hidden Paradise in the Land of Papua

The lake in the south of Jayapura district has an area of 9,360 hectares and a depth of 70 meters below sea level. The lake region which is a unit with the nature reserve of the Cycloops Mountains has beautiful natural scenery and full of cultural values.

Lake Sentani is one of the leading tourism destinations in Papua. This lake with stunning views covers 24 villages with various arts and cultures that appeal to tourists. In fact, in the opinion of some local residents, handicrafts such as bark paintings, as well as stone paintings are among the best results of art in all of the land of Papua.

Lake Sentani, A Hidden Paradise in the Land of Papua

Not only its culture and art, Lake Sentani is also famous for its extraordinary natural wealth. Diversity in the form of Matoa Tree, Areca Tree and Eucalyptus are typical plants that are often found around the lake. In addition, various types of land and water fauna such as butterflies, tilapia, Lohan fish, and alum fish, are widely distributed around the waters of Lake Sentani. In fact, it is said that Shark Freshwater Saws, which are said to have become extinct, were once the typical animals of Lake Sentani.

This attractive tourism condition does not only stop at natural and cultural wealth. These various advantages are brought to a further level by the Regional Government through the Lake Sentani Festival. This festival is held once a year, usually in mid-June. The festival which is usually held in the Kalkote area, the edge of Sentani Lake presents a variety of local cultures and arts.

Lake Sentani, A Hidden Paradise in the Land of Papua

Residents who generally work as fishermen, make this event a means of promoting Sentani culture. They display dances, distinctive crafts, even various other cultural products in a unique and beautiful way at this annual Festival.

Lake Sentani is in the Sentani area, the capital of Jayapura district. This lake can be reached in 15 minutes from Sentani airport and extends along the way to the city of Jayapura. A cool breeze and peaceful tranquility will be felt when entering the Lake Sentani area. In fact, to be more integrated with the nature of Lake Sentani, tourists can get around and visit the islands on Lake Sentani by renting available motorboats.

Lake Sentani, A Hidden Paradise in the Land of Papua

It feels, not enough a day to enjoy the beauty of Lake Sentani. But there is no need to worry, because around the lake and the city of Sentani, lodging is available at affordable prices if it is necessary to stay overnight. Lake Sentani is a beautiful lake full of natural beauty and unique local cultural values.

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