List of the Best Attractions on Nias Island

List of the Best Attractions on Nias Island

Nias is an island covering an area of 4,624 square kilometers in the west of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. The island is inhabited by a majority of Nias tribes who still have Megalithic Culture. On this island you can enjoy some of the most beautiful sights, especially for surfing, which is one of the 10 best surf spots in the world.

Sorake Beach

List of the Best Attractions on Nias Island

Sorake is the most beautiful tourist beach on Nias Island. The beach, located in Teluk Dalam District, South Nias Regency, North Sumatra, is famous for its large waves which are very suitable for surfing. Many foreign surfers come to this beach to take part in surfing competitions or Nias Open annually.

Lagundri Beach

List of the Best Attractions on Nias Island

Lagundri Beach besides having a very spectacular beach view with its very clean white sand and amazing sunset views, this beach wave is also quite large because it is directly facing the Pacific Ocean and also the bay meeting place so that the waves that come will be even greater.

The beach which is also included in the 10 Best Surfing Places in the World has waves of up to 7-10 meters with five levels. Many world-class surfers come to this place to surf and participate in the Nias Open surfing championship every year. For those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful panorama while doing surfing activities, you should come around June or July. Because this month the weather and the beach waves are good.

Laowomaru Beach

List of the Best Attractions on Nias Island

Although Laowomaru Beach is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, but this beach does not have high waves like those found on Sorake Beach and Lagundri Beach. Laowomaru Beach has calm beach waves. So you can safely do beach activities such as surfing and swimming. Not only that, the exoticism of Laowomaru Beach is still very natural. Surrounded by shady green trees make this beach cool and comfortable around.

Gawu Soyo Beach

List of the Best Attractions on Nias Island

This pink sand beach is located in Ombolata Village, Afulu District, North Nias Regency. The popularity of Merah Afulu Beach is not located on the waves with dozens of meters high as found on Sorake Beach and Lagundri Beach in South Nias, because on the Red Beach Afulu there is absolutely no high waves for surfing activities. However, the existence of turtle species which are rare turtles in Indonesia is the main attraction for tourists visiting there.

Therefore, many tourists who visit the Red Beach of Afulu are not for surfing activities, but rather enjoy the beach atmosphere while adventuring along the coastal area to see rare turtles that sometimes come out of their habitat and cross the coast. When visiting Nias Island, it is a pity not to take the time to visit this blood red sand beach. Even on this Gawu Soyo Beach you can enjoy interesting trips offered to visit the famous tourist attractions on Nias Island. You can enjoy cultural tourism (traditional traditional houses in Tumori and Bawomataluo villages, even overnight in this traditional house; stone jumping and traditional Nias dances).

Foa Beach

List of the Best Attractions on Nias Island

Foa Beach is one of the most amazing beaches on Nias Island. The beach with its white sand is very soft and its natural panorama is so beautiful and very charming to refresh your mind and your eyes for a moment. Visiting this beach you can invite your family because this beautiful and soothing beach, you and your family will feel comfortable, calm and feel like in the paradise of the world.

Muara Indah

List of the Best Attractions on Nias Island

Muara Indah is one of the tourist attractions on Nias Island. Its location at the mouth of the river creates a very tempting atmosphere of eco-tourism. This place is crowded with tourists, especially at night. In this place you can enjoy various types of food caught from the sea such as gerapu fish, squid, shrimp, mangrove crabs and various other types of seafood while enjoying the beauty of the natural panorama in Muara Indah with various existing marine tourism facilities. In addition, Muara Indah Nias often holds art and cultural performances and other ceremonial events.

Nias Heritage Museum

List of the Best Attractions on Nias Island

The Nias Heritage Museum is one of the places to preserve the cultural values ​​of Nias which was founded in 1972 by one of the Catholic Church Missionaries named Pastor Johannes M. Hämmerle, OFMCap has started collecting cultural objects, art and history of the people of Nias. Over time the number of collections is increasing, and he carefully records the names and uses of each. Of the many collections held, Father Johannes proposed to the Order Council, namely the Capuchin Order of Sibolga Province to establish the Nias Museum.

In this museum there are also flora and fauna which are very rarely found, aka the extinction is realized. You will find various kinds of animals from wild, rare and unique animals such as crocodiles, parrots and many more. The Nias Heritage Museum indeed maintains several types of Nias fauna that have to do with myths or fairy tales and are often described as symbols to express an idea, for example: snakes, crocodiles, mouse deer, monkeys, monitor lizards, turtles, deer, parrots, etc. All of these animals are kept in the Nias Heritage Museum complex. Besides that, the museum has a program that aims to preserve the environment through training in the utilization of traditional Nias medicinal plants.

Orahili Tourism Village

List of the Best Attractions on Nias Island

The Orahili Tourism Village is the oldest megalithic area in Indonesia. The village has been around for 1,000 - 1,500 BC, precisely when the Neolithicuk Period (Young Stone). This is evidenced by the many megalithic relics in Orahili Village such as various types and shapes of human sculptures, arranged stones standing tall, flat stones and many others.

Hinako Islands Nias

List of the Best Attractions on Nias Island

This what we call "Paradise" Hinako Island which consists of 8 islands which are close to each other with distinctive features and uniqueness so that it makes a magnet that is very fascinating for tourists. On this island you can do snoorkeling and diving to see the beauty of the island's underwater. Various types of coral reefs, coral, colorful ornamental fish, become a charming treat under the sea of the Hinako Islands of Nias. Besides that, you can also do fishing with large, very challenging fish.

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