Padang Nature Tourism You Must Visit

Padang Nature Tourism You Must Visit

Padang is a legendary city famous for its cuisine and culture. But more than that, Padang also has many interesting natural attractions to visit. Ranging from beaches, valleys, lakes to waterfalls you can find here. As a recommendation, here we will discuss interesting natural attractions in Padang.

Anai Valley

Padang Nature Tourism You Must Visit

If you go to Padang and pass the Padang - Bukittinggi road, you will see a natural beauty in the form of the Anai Valley. Nature tourism in Padang is a waterfall that is located right on the edge of the road. That's why when you go through Anai Valley in the rainy season you have to be careful, because the road is definitely very slippery and the waterfall will tend to be more heavy. With a height of about 35 meters, the Anai Valley is decorated with towering surrounding hills. To see its natural beauty you can also use a train that crosses over the highway.

Cubadak Island

Padang Nature Tourism You Must Visit

Lots of beautiful places in Indonesia that are not known in the country but are quite famous to foreign countries. One tourist spot that is well known abroad, especially by Germans, is Cubadak Island. The beginning of the famous Cubadak Island itself is from the making of documentary films that elevate the natural beauty of Cubadak Island. Formerly this area was a crater with extraordinary underwater beauty. On Cubadak Island you can dive to see beautiful marine life and coral reefs. With this beauty, this place is also recommended once to be a honeymoon place.

Nirwana Beach

Padang Nature Tourism You Must Visit

Located in West Sumatra Province, Nirwana Beach is about 14 km in the City of Padang. The location of Nirwana Beach is also not too far from Teluk Bayur Port which has been famous for its beauty since the Dutch era. If you visit Nirwarna Beach, you will be treated to views in the form of ships ranging from passenger ships to merchant ships that are about to lean on Teluk Bayur Harbor. There are many interesting activities that you can do here, starting from walking around the beach to seeing the beautiful beaches that are still beautiful to snorkeling around the beach because the water is very clear.

Sikuai Island

Padang Nature Tourism You Must Visit

Another favorite destination for travelers who want to vacation in Padang is Sikuai Island. The location of Sikuai Island itself is adjacent to several other islands such as Pagang Island, Pasumpahan Island and Pamutus Island. With an area of around 44 hectares, Sikuai Island offers natural beauty in the form of white sand beaches with a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Here tourists are also allowed to do interesting activities ranging from relaxing on the beach, snorkelling, diving to trekking.

Sawah Lunto Lake

Padang Nature Tourism You Must Visit

To get to Sawah Lunto Lake from the city of Padang you have to travel around 2 hours with a distance of 95 kilometers. Formerly, Sawah Lunto Lake was a coal mining area. But because it was no longer active, finally this place was filled with rain and turned into a beautiful lake. Around the lake you can also enjoy the natural beauty of a green stone mountain and blue water. Until now, Sawah Lunto Lake has become increasingly popular since many tourists have uploaded pictures on social media.

Lake Maninjau

Padang Nature Tourism You Must Visit

Besides Sawah Lunto Lake you will also find other natural beauty in Padang, namely Lake Maninjau. In the Maninjau area, many people believe that Maninjau Lake was created from the eruption of Mount Sitinjau. The number of beautiful hills around the lake is what makes Lake Maninjau a basin. To get here you can pass it from the direction of the city of Padang or even Lubuk Pasung. However, for those of you who want to see the natural beauty around the lake you can pass Kelok 44 street with its beautiful scenery. This lake is perfect for those of you who like to visit quiet and calm natural attractions. So beautiful, this nature tour in Padang was enshrined in a novel by literary writer Buya Hamka entitled The Sinking of the Van Der Wick Ship.

That's some information about nature tourism in Padang that you can visit. If you like to visit yourself, if you go to Padang?

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