Tourist Attractions in Ungaran

Tourist Attractions in Ungaran

If you go to Semarang, don't forget to visit Ungaran. Not only the city of Semarang, Ungaran also has many attractive tourist destinations. You can find everything from lakes, waterfalls to recreational parks here. As a recommendation for those of you who want to visit, here are some interesting tourist attractions in Ungaran for you to visit.

Swamp Pening

Tourist Attractions in Ungaran

One tourist spot that is quite popular in the Ungaran area is Swamp Pening. Located on the slopes of the foot of Mount Ungaran, Swamp Pening has an area of around 2670 hectares. Here you will see the beauty of natural scenery which is a combination of mountains and lakes. Although the trip here is quite time consuming, everything will pay off with the beauty that is here. The best moment to visit Swamp Pening is in the afternoon where you can see the sunset behind Mount Ungaran.

Semirang Waterfall

Tourist Attractions in Ungaran

The next interesting natural attraction for you to visit while on vacation to Ungaran is Semirang Waterfall. The location of Semirang Waterfall is on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. With a height of about 45 meters, Semirang waterfall is still within the Perum Perhutani area which has an area of 10 hectares. To get here, you have to have a strong physique because later you will go through the mountain slopes and walk to get there. However, for those of you who bring vehicles such as motorbikes can go straight up to the entrance. After that, then you have to walk about 1 km.

Benowo Waterfall

Tourist Attractions in Ungaran

One more waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran namely Curug Benowo. When compared with Semirang waterfall, the route to Curug Benowo is indeed more difficult because the conditions are very natural. So, it is recommended this tourist place is suitable for you nature lovers, not for families. But, after you go through the up and down winding path everything will be paid off with a beautiful view of Curug Benowo.

Umbul Sidomukti

Tourist Attractions in Ungaran

Umbul Sidokmukti itself is a mountain nature tour located in Semarang. In the Ungaran tourist area, you can find lots of interesting facilities ranging from Outbound Training, Nature Swimming Parks, Camping Ground, Lesehan Cottage, Tourist Lodge, Meeting Room to Adrenaline Games. With all these facilities you can do many interesting activities, such as flying fox, cycling, horse riding and walking to the trekking path here. To get to Umbul Sidomukti it takes about 1 hour from the city of Semarang. You can go through the direction to Yogyakarta or to Solo then exit at the door of the Ungaran Toll Road.

Gedong Songo

Tourist Attractions in Ungaran

In addition to natural attractions, Ungaran also has historical attractions, none other than Gedong Songo. Located at the foot of Mount Ungaran, this one temple is still standing firmly since it was built in the 9th century years ago. In this area, visitors not only can go around seeing the scenery but also camping on the camping ground. He cried again, you can also try hot springs here which are natural sources of water from the ground. If you are tired, you can rent a horse to get around the temple arena.

Mount Ungaran

Tourist Attractions in Ungaran

Unlike most mountains, Mount Ungaran is not too high compared to other mountains. However, to reach the top you still have to go through a challenging path. Although only at an altitude of 2,050 meters above sea level, the route to here is filled with steep rock slopes. On the slope you will find an archaeological site in the form of Gedong Songo Temple. In addition, as discussed earlier you can also see the beauty of Semirang Waterfall and Lawe Waterfall on the hiking trail.

Banaran Coffee Village

Tourist Attractions in Ungaran

For those of you who like coffee visiting Banaran Coffee Village can be an attractive alternative tourist spot. Vacation here you can walk around the coffee garden and see firsthand how the processing process starts from picking up to taste pure coffee without a mixture of other substances. But, besides that, the Banaran Coffee Village also has interesting educational facilities for visitors. Later, you will be invited to plant coffee correctly and play in various sporty rides such as swimming pools, slides, outbound, flying fox, ride TV around the coffee garden to the children's playground.

Vanaprastha Park

Tourist Attractions in Ungaran

Next is Vanaprasha Park, whose location is still in the Gedong Songo Temple. In this tourist spot, you will find a house made of teak wood and is about a century old. The house has also been built since the colonial era. The thing that makes the house attractive is its original and unique architecture. In addition, here you will also find a natural, cool and shady garden that is suitable for refreshing and recreation.

That is some information about Ungaran tourism that is interesting to visit. If you have visited Ungaran yourself?

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