Unique and Interesting Travel Destinations in Tambrauw, West Papua

Unique and Interesting Travel Destinations in Tambrauw, West Papua

In West Papua, travelers can find Tambrauw District which presents a variety of unique and interesting tourist destinations. When you are on vacation in West Papua, you should take the time to go to Tambrauw Regency. There, tourists can find a variety of interesting natural and historical tourist destinations. The beautiful panorama offered by these places will make you forget for a moment with the urban hustle and bustle.

What are some unique and interesting tourist destinations that you can meet there? Here are some tourist attractions in Tambrauw.

Anenderat Waterfall

Unique and Interesting Travel Destinations in Tambrauw, West Papua

You can find this beautiful waterfall in Siakwa Village, Miyah District. Anenderat Waterfall will present a cool atmosphere and amazing natural scenery. Once there, you will be presented with a view of the dense forest surrounding this waterfall area. Very good, right?

One of the uniqueness of Anenderat Waterfall lies in its level of seven parts. The further down, the level has a wider form. The panoramic beauty of Anenderat Waterfall will divert your mind from stress and saturation that accumulates in your head.

This waterfall is reportedly a pretty heavy water discharge. This will make tourists wash away in a peaceful and cool atmosphere. If you want to take a break from the urban hustle and bustle, Anenderat Waterfall is a recommended tourist spot. Don't forget to come here!

War Aremi Hot Springs

Unique and Interesting Travel Destinations in Tambrauw, West Papua

Tambrauw also has a natural hot spring tour called War Aremi. This natural hot spring is located not far from Sontiri Hill. When visiting this natural hot spring pool, you can soak to warm yourself while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

The War Aremi hot spring has a collection of stones in the middle. Visitors can then watch the foam that keeps popping up around there. If observed at a glance, the pool supported by natural stones looks like a river.

War Aremi hot water is suitable for tourists who want to relax after satisfied exploring some places in Tambrau. When bathing in this hot tub, tourists will feel calm and relax simultaneously. By soaking, you can also let go of boredom and boredom due to daily routine in the city. This hot water pool is certainly worthy of entering the list of visited destinations in Tambrauw.

Unique Historical Site in the Form of Forest

Unique and Interesting Travel Destinations in Tambrauw, West Papua

When traveling to Tambrau, tourists can also find unique and interesting historical tourist sites. Lo can observe various types of ancient tanks dating from World War II. This view is certainly not to be missed by tourists who enjoy things around history.

To see tanks inherited from World War II, you can enter the forest located inside Es Mambo Village, Kwor District. There are 9 tanks that tourists can see there. The tanks are reportedly spread in two different locations.

An example of the type of tank you can meet there is Landing Vehicle Track (LVT). This tank was reportedly designed by the United States Navy during General Douglas MacArthur's leadership. This war vehicle can be used by soldiers on land and water.

Dua Island

Unique and Interesting Travel Destinations in Tambrauw, West Papua

Not only on land, Tambrauw also has beautiful water tourism destinations that should be explored by tourists. Lo can find a marine park with a spectacular view on Dua Island. Once there, tourists will be stunned by the charming expanse of white sand.

On Dua Island, you can be satisfied to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea off the Pacific Ocean. Tourists can also spend quality holiday time with snorkeling. Observing the beauty of marine life and the activity of small fish here will certainly make your holiday experience exciting and colorful.

Dua Island is also one of the regions that holds important historical events in West Papua. Around 1912, this island became the location of the entry of Christian teachings into West Papua. Very cool, right? Don't delay vacation time here!

Sontiri Hill

Unique and Interesting Travel Destinations in Tambrauw, West Papua

Locals dub this area as "Teletubbies Hill". When visiting Sontiri Hill, you can see the green scenery from various directions satisfied. This hill area presents a very natural panorama because it is surrounded by tropical rain.

Sontiri Hill has a large area. From the top of this hill, you can see stunning sunset views. If you come here in the morning, tourists can observe the color of the surface of the hill that turns white because it is covered by thousands of spiderwebs.

Lo can visit Sontiri Hill in the Kebar District area. To get here, tourists can ride a double cabin car. Are you interested in enjoying the beauty of this hill directly?

Forest Contains Various Beautiful Birds

Unique and Interesting Travel Destinations in Tambrauw, West Papua

Tambrauw has several forests that are home to various birds. If you want to see endemic birds, you can visit the Vicirie Forest area in the Miyah District and the Nunggou Forest in the Sausapor District. Bird watching in its original habitat will certainly make the moment of traveling feel complete.

An example of a condition that must be fulfilled by tourists to see birds of paradise is to come in dark clothes in the early morning. When exploring the forest area, you will hear a variety of sounds of Paradise and other birds. This experience will certainly be one of your sweetest memories during your vacation in Tambrauw.

Thus some unique and interesting tourist attractions that you can meet in Tambrauw, West Papua. Hopefully this information can add to your tourist reference if you are still confused about your vacation spot.


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