Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Purwokerto

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Purwokerto

For those of you who want to vacation with friends or family this weekend, Purwokerto can be an attractive choice. There are many interesting tourist attractions that you can visit in Purwokerto, ranging from waterfalls, baths, outbound places to mountains. The cool air and attractive scenery make it a great place to relax in Purwokerto to relax after daily activities. Next we will give recommendations for some interesting tourist attractions for you to visit!


Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Purwokerto

Baturraden is one of the interesting places to visit in Purwokerto. Located on the slopes of Mount Slamet, you can use public transportation or private vehicles to get to this place. But, keep in mind that if you use a private vehicle, be careful because the path you are going to pass is winding with mountainous terrain that is up and down. After arriving here, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the beautiful mountains with shady trees. Its location on the slopes of the mountain also makes Baturraden have a cool air.

Baturraden also has many tourist attractions that are complete. Some of them are gliding pools, water bikes, swimming pools, fish therapies to hot springs. Not only that, here, you can see cute animals in a mini zoo. For those of you who like to watch, you can find a theater made from an airplane.

Baturraden Adventure Forest

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Purwokerto

The next tourist spot in Purwokerto is Baturraden Adventure Forest. Here, you will adventure in the open by visiting various rides such as mountain adventure, tree adventure, and water adventure. All programs are divided into two tour packages, one day tour package and half day tour package. For the cost, Baturraden Adventure Forest costs Rp. 150,000 and Rp. 230,000.

Telaga Sunyi

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Purwokerto

Next, you can visit Telaga Sunyi. As the name implies, this place is indeed quiet because of its location far from the density of the city and not many people have visited it. Here you will be treated to a view of a lake with very clear water from Mount Slamet. You can enjoy the coolness and silence at Telaga Sunyi by passing through the forest path. Here the visitors are allowed to do many activities, such as diving, swimming to observation of rocky areas.

Mount Slamet

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Purwokerto

The Purwokerto area also has a non-less challenging climb, namely Mount Slamet. This mountain with a height of 3,428 masl has been named as one of the highest mountains in Central Java. For those of you who want to climb, there are three paths you can go through. First, through the southern route through Baturraden, then the west route through Kaliwadas and the third route through the east, namely Bambangan. After arriving at the peak, you will see the beauty of nature in the form of a mountain peak covered with clouds so that many people call it also as the land above the clouds. But before climbing, you need to pay attention to the weather as well, because in the rainy season the Selamet Mountain hiking trail will be more slippery.

Crossworld Paintball

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Purwokerto

For those of you who like challenging activities, Purwokerto has an exciting outbound place called Crossworld Paintball. Here you can play war games complete with special clothes and tools. Not just a place to play paintball, here you will also find various other facilities such as billiard playgrounds, mini food courts as well as shopping for paintball equipment at affordable prices.

Purwokerto's Miniature World

Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Purwokerto

This one tourist place just opened last September 2016. In Miniature World you feel like traveling around the world because you will see various miniatures or landmarks from various countries in the world. With many of these miniatures, you can also make a photo background.

That is some information about tourist attractions in Purwokerto. If you like to visit yourself, if you go to Purwokerto?

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