Enjoy the Beauty of Mount Telomoyo, Central Java

Enjoy the Beauty of Mount Telomoyo, Central Java

Mount Telomoyo is a mountain located in Semarang Regency and Magelang Regency, Central Java. This beautiful mountain is a volcano that has never erupted. Its height reaches 1,894 meters above sea level. Mount Telomoyo can be seen from the cities of Salatiga, Secang, Magelang, and Ambarawa. Mount Telomoyo is flanked by Mount Ungaran, Mount Sumbing and Mount Merbabu.

Mountain Suitable for Amateur Climber

Enjoy the Beauty of Mount Telomoyo, Central Java

To get to Mount Telomoyo, you must go to Pandean Village, Ngablak District, Magelang Regency. It is not difficult to find Pandesan Village because it is still in the same direction as Ngablak Market. Climbing Mount Telomoyo is not as difficult as climbing most mountains. Because, there are already roads that can be passed by vehicles to reach the top.

But, the vehicle used must be prime, because the road is not 100% smooth. There are some parts of the road that are damaged. It's better to use a motorbike instead of a car, because the path is narrow. By using a motorcycle, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery around. If you use a motorcycle, you only need between 15-30 minutes to get to the top. If you walk, the time spent can be about 2 hours.

Good For Enjoying Sunrise And Sunset

Enjoy the Beauty of Mount Telomoyo, Central Java

The best time to travel on Mount Telomoyo is in the morning or evening. When enjoying the sunrise or sunset there, guaranteed tiredness as well as stress disappear instantly. Hence, this mountain is more often referred to as Mount Transmitter rather than Mount Telomoyo.

The peak of Mount Telomoyo is marked by the existence of Telkom Station and paragliding runway which is often used as a small photo spot.

Enjoy the Beauty of Mount Telomoyo, Central Java

So, don't confess your love for Indonesia if you haven't visited Mount Telomoyo! If you visit there, don't forget to keep it clean by not littering! To travel there, you can transit first in Semarang.

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