Pulau Dua Balatak, a Hidden Paradise that Presents the Beauty of Nature in Central Sulawesi


Pulau Dua Balatak in Central Sulawesi has a beautiful beauty for anyone who visits here. The natural panorama between the hill and the water can be enjoyed from hundreds of steps, difficult to forget. Intrigued by the exoticism? Here is complete information for you.

Hill Surrounded by Waters

If you are fascinated by the beauty of Padar Island in Labuan Bajo, get ready to fall in love with Dua Balatak Island in Central Sulawesi. Both have the same charm. Elongated hill, plus extensive waters into a complete fusion belonging to Pulau Dua.

Hundreds of Stairs Provided for Travelers

Beautiful panorama, is indeed an attraction of Pulau Dua. Visitors can enjoy from the top of the hill which is complete with footpaths. The trail is made of hundreds of steps deliberately provided for tourists.

You who visit here, can walk on the stairs while admiring the scenery around. This place is also a mainstay instagenic visitor spot. Just prepare to fall in love with clear waters and green hills.

Have Tens of Diving Spots

Apart from having an extraordinary composition of hills and waters, Dua Balatak Island is also a paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling. Here there are at least 35 diving spots that can be explored. Among them are Batu Gong, Nemo Rock, Ondoliang Rock and Spot Alibaba.

These spots offer amazing underwater scenery. You will be fascinated by the colorful coral reefs and fish that are common in the wide waters. With this wealth, this underwater tour has become one of the tourist destinations that must be visited by lovers of snorkeling or diving.

Access to Location

Want to see first hand the beauty of Pulau Balatak? You can fly to Luwuk Airport or Palu City. Next, continue the journey to Balatak Beach. From Balatak Beach the trip must be continued by renting a boat that can be used for 10 people.

Pulau Dua Balatak in Central Sulawesi must be on your vacation list! Sulawesi's natural potential, precisely in Luwuk, let's immediately plan your vacation to Pulau Dua Balatak.

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