Interesting Tour Around Mount Merapi

Interesting tour around Mount Merapi

Merapi has a myriad of stories. In addition to a long history of eruption processes from time to time, Mount Merapi is also a tourist destination because of its always spectacular views, even after hot clouds and ash bursts in the surrounding life.

Have you ever explored Mount Merapi tour? If you visit once every 2-3 years, it feels like you will miss a lot of new places. Below are several new tourist attractions around Merapi. Let's check, then mark which ones you've visited, which haven't, and which ones are your favorites

Merapi Lava Tour

Interesting tour around Mount Merapi

After the 2010 eruption, the Lava Jeep Tour in the Merapi Tourism area is highly developed. Indeed, tourists have to spend more to enjoy this one option, but occasionally enjoy Merapi with a bit of an offroad car challenge, OK.

Price: IDR 350,000 up to IDR 600,000 depending on the route.

Merapi Park

Interesting tour around Mount Merapi

Merapi Park contains various miniature landmarks of the country from all corners of the world, which are located in one large park. The miniature is surrounded by grass and neatly arranged flowers. The atmosphere is so comfortable, also suitable for a thin picnic.

Price: IDR 20,000 to enter the world landmark area. IDR 10,000 to enter the kids waterpark.

Merapi Volcano Museum

Interesting tour around Mount Merapi

Not just having fun, at the Merapi Volcano Museum, you can find out more about the more comprehensive history of the eruption of Mount Merapi in various mediums. In addition, there is a special theater that plays a documentary about the eruption of Mount Merapi, you know. You must watch!

Price: IDR 5,000 in entrance ticket, IDR 5,000 in theater ticket

The Lost World Castle

Interesting tour around Mount Merapi

Located in Cangkringan, The Lost World Castle presents the beautiful landscape of Mount Merapi behind the fort. There are many interesting spots in this area, including; cowboy park, angel wings, white clouds, to flying motorbikes. This place is also fun for photos, you know!

Price: IDR 60,000

Stonehenge Merapi Cangkringan

Interesting tour around Mount Merapi

Stonegenge Merapi is a replica of Stonehenge, a prehistoric stone structure located in England. Here, you won't run out of good spots to be photographed!

Price: IDR 10,000 admission

Ullen Sentalu Museum

Interesting tour around Mount Merapi

Still in the Merapi tourist area, try stopping by Ullen Sentalu to see the development of Javanese art and culture civilization. Classic buildings among lush trees provide a comfortable atmosphere while walking listening to a guide that explains the historical objects on display there.

Price: IDR 40,000 for domestic tourists (adults), IDR 20,000 for children. Foreign tourists IDR 100,000, - (adult), IDR 60,000, (children).

Kaliurang Tourism Park

Interesting tour around Mount Merapi

Located at the foot of Mount Merapi, Kaliurang Tourism Park is perfect for those of you who want to relax or take a picnic. There are many facilities there, ranging from the outbound area to the culinary center.

Price of admission; IDR 8,000

Kaliadem Bunkers

Interesting tour around Mount Merapi

Space in the ground with a sturdy concrete structure wrapped in a mainstay when Merapi is erupting. However, in the 2006 eruption two volunteers who took refuge here were found dead, and this bunker was no longer reliable, including the 2010 eruption. The Kaliadem bunker is now one of the tourist destinations. You can visit it if you rent a jeep for Lava Tour Merapi.

Price: Free of charge

The Rest of My Wealth Museum

Interesting tour around Mount Merapi

The house of a resident who was swept away by a hot cloud during the 2010 eruption, is now a witness of the enormity of the eruption of Merapi. Burnt walls, charred and melted goods, even the bones of farm animals that were unable to save themselves at that time, were there. Coming there, sadness is definitely unavoidable.

Price: free.

Tomb of Mbah Maridjan

Interesting tour around Mount Merapi

The Merapi Key Interlocutor was also a victim of the 2010 Merapi eruption. He insisted that he was reluctant to evacuate because he had to “guard” the area according to the instructions given to him. Mbah Maridjan is a respected figure, including by the King. Now he is buried on the side of his grandfather who was also a key Merapi.

Different from tourists. If you plan to travel to Yogyakarta, especially the Mount Merapi area, it's a good idea to check the security status of the official government agency, and look for information on whether the tourist location is still serving tourists, or temporarily closed. Too bad, right, if you've traveled far to the top, it turns out you can't enjoy anything because it's closed.

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