Tasty, Halal Special Medan Food

Tasty, Halal Special Medan Food

Travel to Medan will not feel complete without tasting one by one the typical food that is super delicious! Because Medan is known for its appetizing cuisine.

When will you plan to go to Medan? Don't forget to prepare the time for the culinary! Even around the city, you can spoil your tongue and stomach, you know.

This time IamIndonesia will summarize a little from a variety of sources, this is a special food that is super delicious and halal that must be tasted when you go there.

Salad Pond

Tasty, Halal Special Medan Food

The heat was really fresh, right? Well, this outdoor salad can be your culinary choices during the day. Actually, it is similar to the most salad, but the salad seasoning is mixed with coarsely ground rice. Then why is it called Salad Pond? The answer, because this food is sold a lot near the Deli pool in Medan.

Bika Ambon

Tasty, Halal Special Medan Food

Still not surprised, why is this Medan typical cake called Bika Ambon? Why not 'Bika Medan'? If you know the answer, may share it in the comments column!

Well, this cake is also still a favorite souvenir of tourists, although many choices of other typical souvenirs, such as durian pancakes, or meranti sponge. The chewy texture and delicious taste are definitely addictive.

Ox Meatballs

Tasty, Halal Special Medan Food

What makes this meatball unique is the use of beef, in contrast to meatballs in general, which uses beef. The taste is no less delicious, you know. If you go to Medan try it.

Medan Rice Cake

Tasty, Halal Special Medan Food

What makes Medan Rice Cake different from others is the use of shrimp and tauco so that the taste is more savory. Medan Rice Cake also tends to be spicy, usually supplemented with Balado eggs, rendang, dried anchovies, and fried peanuts. In other cities, there are many that sell Medan Rice Cake. But there's no harm in trying authentic at its original place!

Duck Noodles

Tasty, Halal Special Medan Food

Concentrated duck broth used as a sauce makes this boiled vermicelli have a unique taste. Plus shredded boiled duck, mustard greens, and fried garlic as a topping, you will definitely be addicted to eating this vermicelli! But, usually, the vermicelli is served in large portions. Approximately how many portions can you spend?

Durian Medan

Tasty, Halal Special Medan Food

Not cooking, anyway, can be enjoyed anywhere. But this Medan durian is popular and is included in the culinary list that must be explored, especially if you are a durian lover! Medan durian is known to have thick meat and delicious taste.

Come on, share more typical Medan food. What are you really obliged to try if you are traveling there? Waiting for recommendations in the comments column, yes!

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