The Most Popular Tourist Spots in Toraja

Sulawesi does have quite a number of popular tourist attractions with extraordinary natural scenery. From the underwater beauty like Bunaken Marine Park, to cities like Makassar you can find it. But did you know besides that, Sulawesi also has a tourist destination that is no less interesting, namely Tana Toraja. Here you can see the uniqueness to beauty that cannot be compared to other tourist objects in Indonesia. Well, for those of you who want to visit Toraja, here are some recommendations from IamIndonesia relating to tourist attractions in Toraja.

Ne'Gandeng Museum

The Most Popular Tourist Spots in Toraja

For those of you who like historical tours, you can visit the Ne'Gandeng Museum. Located in Palangi Village, Sa’dan Balusu District, Toraja Regency, this museum is still being maintained by the local community under the auspices of the Ne'Gandeng Family Foundation. The name Ne'Gandeng itself is taken from the name of an ancestor in Tana Toraja who died on August 3, 1994. The establishment of the Ne'Gandeng Museum itself is an attempt to commemorate his virtuous life. As before he had suggested that electricity could enter the village at the cost of selling buffalo. When visiting here you will see a traditional Toraja-style house. The place is indeed provided for visitors who come to visit the Ne'Ganden tomb. In addition, the room at the Ne'Gandeng Museum is also often used as a funeral procession for family members.


The Most Popular Tourist Spots in Toraja

Visiting Tana Toraja you also have to see Tongkongan which is a traditional house there. Tongkongan itself has several functions, such as a central administrator, a cultural center, a center for family coaching, fostering family rules and impoliteness and many more. One of the places that you can visit to see Tongkongan in Toraja is Pallawa. Now, this place has even become one of the most historic places in Toraja. Interestingly, besides seeing the beauty of Tongkongan architecture there, you can also see the making of traditional weaving complete with the results of the original fabric. To get to Pallawa you can reach it from the Capital City of North Toraja with a journey time of about 30 minutes.


The Most Popular Tourist Spots in Toraja

You can also explore the beauty of Toraja by visiting Batutumonga. The contours of the Toraja region including the highlands even make it the most beautiful place in the district. Visiting here you will be presented with a natural view during the trip. There are two of the best moments to see the beautiful scenery in Batutumonga. First is the time of sunrise, where you can see the sunrise which illuminates the green expanse of rice fields and hills there. Meanwhile, at night, you can see the beauty of the lights of the city of Rantepao.

Kete Kesu

The Most Popular Tourist Spots in Toraja

In Toraja, you also have to visit one of the traditional villages, Kete Kusu. For those of you who want to visit here only need to pay an entrance ticket of 10,000 IDR per person. Because it is still a traditional village, in Kete Kusu you can also see traditional Toraja traditional houses, Tongkonan. The house is still very traditional because it was built with objects such as methamphetamine and bamboo to build it. At the front, you can see some buffalo horns which are preserved and neatly arranged. The buffalo horn is a symbol of the prosperity of the homeowners who live there. Because life in that place is still very traditional, you will also find rice barns.

Talondo Tallu Waterfall

The Most Popular Tourist Spots in Toraja

Located in Buttu Pali Hamlet, Lembang Balipe, Tana Toraja Regency, Talondo Tallu Waterfall is only about 30 kilometers from the city of Makale. The uniqueness of Talondo Tallu Waterfall itself lies in the three-pronged water fountain which then leads to a very clear pool. The three water showers come from two tributaries, namely, the Rabung River and the Pekalian River. Here tourists can do a variety of interesting activities, ranging from relaxing on the edge of the waterfall to swimming in the pool.

Ollon Tourism

The Most Popular Tourist Spots in Toraja

You can also find the terraced hills in Toraja, which is precisely the tour of Ollon. Tourist attractions in Toraja is a green valley and hills that line up so that it becomes a very spectacular sight. This green valley is only about 40 kilometers from Makale City. The beauty of the tourist Ollon even more popular after many tourists who post its beauty on social media. With its tortuous contours, Ollon has many hills and green meadows. In addition, in tourist Ollon there are also many horse farms. The horses were released in the surrounding meadow. There are no modern facilities here, even for drinking and eating you have to bring your own supplies from the city.


The Most Popular Tourist Spots in Toraja

Another one that is not less interesting for you to visit in Toraja is Londa. The place is a tomb located on the rock cliffs of Toraja. Londa itjself can be accessed from Rantepao, which is about 7 kilometers. There you will see many caves and holes in the cliff carved into the coffin. Laying of the coffin must also not be arbitrary, but must be done based on customary rules in accordance with their lineage.

That's some information about tourist attractions in Toraja that are interesting for you to visit. Have you ever been to Toraja?

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