Manado Specialties Famous for its deliciousness


Manado is one of the cities in North Sulawesi which has a very enchanting natural charm. Not only do you have tourist destinations that you can visit, Manado specialties are also famous for being delicious and rich in spices, which you must definitely try. What are you doing? Come see the recommendations for Manado specialties which are famous for their deliciousness!

Manado porridge

Manado Specialties Famous for its deliciousness

This one food is really a shame if you miss it when visiting Manado. Manado porridge which is commonly called Titunuan is different from porridge in general. Manado porridge is made from green vegetables cooked with rice and pumpkin, which makes this porridge healthier. Manado porridge is perfect for your breakfast menu. Well, if you want to try this food, you can come to the Tinutuan Wakeke Culinary Area which is one of the famous culinary centers in Manado that offers various Tinutuan menus.

Cakalang Fufu

Manado Specialties Famous for its deliciousness

Cakalang fufu is a skipjack tuna that goes through a smoking process. This smoking process is called fufu, so this fish is known as Cakalang fufu. After smoked, this fish can be processed into various menus. Cakalang fufu is one of the typical Manado souvenirs that you must buy. For those of you who want to buy Cakalang Fufu, you can look for it on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Sario District with a price range of IDR 35,000 - IDR 65,000.

Woku Belanga

Manado Specialties Famous for its deliciousness

Woku Belanga is a typical Manado dish cooked in a pot. The pot is a large pot or container used for cooking. This food is rich in spices because it uses various spices such as basil, lime leaves, chilies, turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, and others. Woku Belanga usually uses a variety of side dishes according to taste, such as chicken, snapper, grouper, and shrimp. Woku Belanga is perfect for eating with a plate of warm rice. Moreover, its spicy and appetizing taste can make you addicted!


Manado Specialties Famous for its deliciousness

Dabu-dabu is a typical Manado sauce which is famous for its deliciousness. For you spicy food lovers, you will definitely like this one food. Just like other chili sauce, sauce dabu-dabu also uses ingredients such as chilies, shallots, and tomatoes. However, if the other chili sauce is processed by pulping or mashing it, the ingredients for the dabu-dabu sauce are only cut into cubes and added with lime juice. This dabu-dabu sauce has a spicy and fresh taste, you can enjoy it with various side dishes such as fish or chicken. To find sauce dabu-dabu in Manado, it's not difficult! Many places to eat that provide side dishes with sauce dabu-dabu.


Manado Specialties Famous for its deliciousness

For dessert, Manado has a very popular cake. This food is a typical Manado cake which is a recipe from the Netherlands. This cake is made from wheat flour, coconut, milk, butter and eggs. Currently, Klappertart has been developed into various flavors such as chocolate, cheese, durian, blueberry, and others. For those of you who want to try klappetart, this food is very easy to find in Manado.

Those are some typical Manado food which is famous for its delicacy


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