Gorontalo Specialty Food That Tourists Hunted!


Gorontalo is a relatively new province in Indonesia because it was only inaugurated in 2000. Even though it is new, Gorontalo has a diverse culture and tourist attractions that you can visit, but visiting Gorontalo is not complete without trying its special food. Gorontalo has a lot of food that is famous for being delicious and being hunted by tourists. What are the special foods? Let's see!

Tuna satay

Gorontalo Specialty Food That Tourists Hunted!

If you usually find goat satay and chicken satay in various other areas, it's different from Gorontalo. Gorontalo is an area that has abundant marine products, so a lot of the food here uses processed seafood, one of which is tuna. No wonder you can find tuna satay here. Tuna satay is one of the favorite foods in Gorontalo. Don't ask about the taste, this satay is very soft and delicious! Tuna satay is suitable when eaten with warm rice and chili sauce. You can find this food in the harbor and beach areas in Gorontalo.

Binte Biluhuta

Gorontalo Specialty Food That Tourists Hunted!

Did you know that Gorontalo is a fairly fertile corn-producing area? It's no wonder that many foods in Gorontalo use corn as the main ingredient. One of the foods that use corn is Binte Biluhuta. Binte Biluhuta means watered corn. Yep, as the name implies, Binte Biluhuta is food from grated corn mixed with grated coconut, shrimp, skipjack fish, and a savory sauce. In addition, this dish is also equipped with tomatoes, scallions, chilies, basil leaves, and lemon juice which makes it taste very delicious!

Iloni Chicken

Gorontalo Specialty Food That Tourists Hunted!

For those of you who love grilled chicken, you have to try this one food. Iloni chicken is a typical Gorontalo grilled chicken. Iloni chicken is the same as grilled chicken in general, the only difference is the seasoning. Iloni chicken has a very delicious taste because it uses garlic, onion, turmeric, candlenut, ginger, lemongrass, and other spices mixed with coconut milk. This food has a very delicious and savory taste, especially when eaten with warm rice!


Gorontalo Specialty Food That Tourists Hunted!

The next favorite Gorontalo food is billenthango. Bilenthango is a food made from fish. Usually, the fish used to cook billenthango is tilapia. The way of cooking is unique, before cooking, the fish will be halved and placed on a banana leaf. After that, the fish is grilled or fried without touching and submerged directly by the cooking oil. Once cooked, the fish will be mixed with herbs and spices to make it taste even more delicious!


Gorontalo Specialty Food That Tourists Hunted!

You really must try this last food if you visit Gorontalo. Ilabulo is a typical Pepes Gorontalo. But ilabulo doesn't use fish or chicken. Different from other pepes that you usually find, ilabulo is made from a mixture of sago mixed with gizzard liver, eggs, and herbs and spices. I don't think it's inferior to other Pepes. Ilabulo has a fairly chewy texture and a slightly spicy taste. There are two ways to serve ilabulo, namely steaming and grilling. Well, for those of you who want to try ilabulo, you can find it around Jalan Diponegoro.

Those are some Gorontalo specialties that you must try when you are on vacation Gorontalo. 

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