Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

Maybe not many people like to go traveling alone or become solo travelers. Some of the reasons include fear of getting lost, fear of loneliness, and not feeling safe. But some people think being a solo traveler is very fun. In addition to being free to determine your destination, you can also learn to be more independent, practice your adaptability and of course, it is highly likely that you will make new acquaintances because being a solo traveler will make you interact more with strangers. There's nothing wrong with trying something new like solo traveling.

Doing Research

Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

Before doing solo traveling, it's a good idea to find out in advance about the country or area you are going to visit. After deciding where to go, find out the price of tickets to the place, accommodation, tickets for tourist attractions, culture to the operating hours of public transportation there. Our advice, it's a good idea to browse traveler blogs to find younger references. You can also follow relevant forums, such as backpacker forums, and don't hesitate to ask experienced people.

Budgeting and Itinerary

Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

Since you will be traveling alone, it's a good idea to make a careful budget and travel plan. In this planning, make sure you have made a detailed travel plan from the time you wake up in the morning until you return to the inn. Also, make details about what to ride to move from one tourist destination to another or how much money you have to set aside for eating. However, the name is a guide, of course, you don't have to live one hundred percent. It's also fun, isn't it, if you find something new that you don't expect while on the road, or are you invited by local people to visit their house? But at least, if you already have a guide where to go today, you will always have the choice of where to go after you have explored the tourist destinations.

Keep Money and Documents Separate

Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

Crime can indeed happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere, therefore we must be aware of all the possibilities that exist. Don't keep all your money and ATM cards in your wallet. Separate your money and ATM cards into several parts and then store them in different places. In addition, don't forget to scan or photograph important documents such as passports, ID cards, and others. This is important in case you run into unforeseen circumstances such as losing your bag.

Note Important Numbers

Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

Before leaving for solo travel, make sure you have saved important contacts from the city you are going to visit, such as the telephone numbers of the inn, police, and hospital. Don't forget to also save the phone numbers of the closest people so you can give them the news at any time. To be even more secure, also record the phone number on the paper or a notepad that you will bring so that if you have trouble finding your cellphone, you still have that important number.

Light Packing

Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

As a solo traveler, like it or not, you have to carry all your luggage alone, especially when you want to go to an inn, or move cities. Well, carry the load as light as possible so as not to trouble you later. Practicing carrying a light suitcase is easy and difficult. Often you are tempted to carry things that are not really needed, so you end up with a heavy suitcase. The easiest way is not to bring excessive clothes, because almost every inn provides a washing machine so you can wash and reuse clothes that have been previously worn.

Stay at Hostel

Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

If you plan to travel solo, choose lodging in the form of a hostel. This is because you will find it difficult to find fellow solo travelers if you stay at a private hotel. Usually, hostels will provide dorms based on gender or mixed, complete with communal spaces such as kitchens and recreation rooms. Well, that's where you usually meet other solo travelers from various countries, who might become new friends during your trip.

Choose Morning Arrival

Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

Security must be prioritized, especially if you are a female solo traveler. Choose a flight with a morning or afternoon arrival in the city or country of destination. This is because if it is still light, you will be safer in heading to the inn. The inn receptionist is also definitely open, so you don't need to be forced to sleep at the airport or station. Or, if you stay at someone else's place, at least you can avoid feeling bad like when you arrive late at night or early in the morning.

Social Media Status Updates

Solo Traveling Tips for Beginners

Do status updates on social media networks about all your activities while traveling solo, if necessary, include the location. This isn't to show off, but if something happens or you suddenly can't be reached, those closest to you will know where to start looking. It's not that traveling alone is dangerous, this is an anticipation of your comfort in traveling alone. If you think this method is too flashy, at least let the people closest to you know via text message. Or you can also send them your travel details.

That was brief information about solo traveling tips.

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