Typical Pekanbaru Food You Must Try


As the capital of Riau Province, Pekanbaru not only has many interesting tourist attractions but also various culinary delights to try. You can also find typical Sumatran food which is identical to coconut milk and spicy food in Pekanbaru. Well, for those of you who want to eat typical Pekanbaru food, here IamIndonesia will provide recommendations. Come on, see what it is!

Satay and Deer Soup

Typical Pekanbaru Food You Must Try

If most satay and soup use the main ingredients of chicken, mutton, and beef, in Pekanbaru you can taste satay and deer soup. Slightly different from beef or mutton, venison has a more legit taste. With a mixture of herbs and spices, the satay and deer soup taste sweeter. This culinary will be even more delicious when eaten with a plate of warm rice.

Smoked Fish Selais

Typical Pekanbaru Food You Must Try

As the name implies, this typical Pekanbaru food is processed by smoking and then turning it into the curry. How to cook Smoked Fish Selais is quite long. For smoking alone, you need about eight hours more until the fish is ready to eat. Actually, it's not only smoked, it's also often served fried, roasted, and stir-fried. Not infrequently, because it is quite durable and long-lasting, selais fish is also often used as souvenirs for visitors who come to Pekanbaru.

Patin Fish Curry

Typical Pekanbaru Food You Must Try

If you previously had jam-smoked fish, you should also try the catfish curry. The typical food of the New Week is indeed quite famous and much-loved by the residents there. That's why you will find many restaurants and restaurants in Pekanbaru serving this food. The catfish curry itself has a savory taste and is a bit spicy. This special culinary will taste even more delicious with the addition of kecombrang leaves. Usually, curry is served with other side dishes such as side dishes, boiled sweet potato leaves, and warm rice.

Lemak Rice

Typical Pekanbaru Food You Must Try

It can be said that nasi lemak is a typical Malay food. Even so, you will often find nasi lemak in Pekanbaru. Lemak Rice itself consists of savory rice mixed with various side dishes such as omelet, anchovy sauce, fried chicken, and many other side dishes. The rice served in Lemak rise is savory because it is cooked using coconut milk and pkamun leaves. You can easily find Lemak Rice in various stalls and places to eat in Pekanbaru.

Sago Noodles

Typical Pekanbaru Food You Must Try

This culinary one is also one of the typical Pekanbaru foods that are very popular with the people of Selatpanjang, Pekanbaru. Sago noodles have a chewier texture than most noodles. Usually this Pekanbaru culinary is processed by mixing it with vegetables and then boiling or frying it. In addition, because it has a low sugar content, sago noodles are also suitable for consumption for people with diabetes.

Belacan Curry

Typical Pekanbaru Food You Must Try

Not only fish which is often used as the main ingredient of Pekanbaru's special food, but shrimp is also the basic ingredient of traditional cuisine there, belacan curry. The prawns in belacan curry are processed by mixing with coconut milk and spices, such as candlenut, pepper, and tamarind. Meanwhile, for the shrimp itself, you can use river shrimp and sea shrimp. Usually, belacan curry tastes better with a mixture of petai.

Bacah Meat

Typical Pekanbaru Food You Must Try

If you don't really like seafood like fish or shrimp, try Bacah meat. This food has a taste and appearance similar to rendang or beef jerky. What distinguishes the two types of cuisine is the way they are presented. If rendang is usually eaten with white rice, Bacah meat is eaten with diamonds. This typical Pekanbaru food also usually appears during Eid or other holidays there.


Typical Pekanbaru Food You Must Try

You don't have to go to a Japanese restaurant to try Miso. In Pekanbaru, you can also try this traditional culinary. This Pekanbaru specialty food consists of various basic ingredients ranging from yellow noodles, white noodles, shredded chicken, dried tofu to fried chicken skin. Pekanbaru people usually consume Miso for breakfast or lunch.

That's some information about typical Pekanbaru food that you can try. Where have you eaten yourself?

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