Historic Tourist Places in Surabaya

Having several favorite campuses to prestigious offices, makes Surabaya also inhabited by boarding children. This city that is thick with history also offers many tourist destinations that can bring you nostalgia. For those of you who live in a boarding house in Surabaya, here are some historical places in the city of Heroes that you can visit.

Siola Building (Museum Surabaya)

Historic Tourist Places in Surabaya

The first place you can visit is to walk down the aisle of time in Surabaya. This magnificent building located on Tunjungan Street was previously known as White Laidlaw. Which is also a commercial company in the convection and textile sector from England. In addition to having artistic buildings, it seems that Siola has become a historical place in Surabaya.

This is because this building became a silent witness as a defense building against the Allies. It was only after the independence period that this white building was converted into a modern shopping center. Before finally being converted into the Surabaya Museum. Entering this building, it is as if you are traveling through time.

Various collections and old photos lined up nicely on the walls. Makes you get to know the history of this city. You can also use this building as the object of your camera shot. After that you can continue by walking down Tunjungan street, you can still find shops with original buildings in the colonial era.

Heroes Monument

Historic Tourist Places in Surabaya

The next historical place that you can make a destination is the Heroes Monument. It can be said that the icon of the city of Surabaya has become one of the most famous historical tours. Its location in the city center also makes it easier for tourists from various cities to reach it. Magnificently built in the Kebonrojo Park area, make sure you don't miss this historical tour.

The monument that was built towering with white color is very beautiful to be the object of your photo. Especially if the weather is sunny, the blue sky that shelters it adds to its splendor. You need to know, this monument was built to commemorate the battle of November 10, 1945, which was also inaugurated as Hero's Day every year.

Even so physically reflected, this building has 10 canalure arches and is divided into 11 segments. After you are satisfied with taking lots of photos, you can visit the Ten November Museum. You will find many collections on this historical place tour. And of course, it can increase your knowledge of history.

This pyramid-shaped building will indeed take you to peek at the documentation of the Surabaya people's struggle for independence. One of them is Bung Tomo's voice transcript when he encouraged the people of Surabaya. Other documentation is no less interesting to explore.

Submarine Monument

Historic Tourist Places in Surabaya

Surabaya still has the closest historical place to the city center that you can visit, namely the Submarine Monument. This sturdy Submarine is not without a story or origins that made it there. This ship was used as a fleet in the Battle of the Aru Sea. So that there is still a remnant of history attached to this monument.

The battle was carried out to re-liberate West Irian which at that time was occupied by the Dutch. To commemorate and remember how brave the heroes were, this ship was deliberately brought ashore. Previously this submarine was first cut to make it easier to carry it.

Only then reassembled, either the part of the interior. What's interesting about this Submarine Monument is that you can enter the submarine section. Even by visiting this historical place in Surabaya, you can also watch a film about the process of war that took place in the Aru Sea.

Until now, the Submarine Monument has become a tourist historical place in East Java that is a pity to miss. Many school children often make this place a tourist destination or study tour. Because visiting historical places in addition to refreshing can also get more knowledge.

Red Bridge Area

Historic Tourist Places in Surabaya

Arek Arek Suroboyo's struggle for independence cannot be separated from the red bridge. The red bridge in the past, especially during the Dutch East Indies colonial period, was the busiest area. All centers of government to trade were centered in this area after the Paku Buwono II Agreement with the VOC.

In ancient times, this bridge was built to connect between West Surabaya and East Surabaya, including the Kalimas River. Where at that time, the West was inhabited by Europeans while the East was inhabited by Non-Europeans as well as natives. Visiting this place you will see many buildings that still maintain the authenticity of their architects.

If you want to take a peek at the history of commerce, you can visit this historical place in the city of Surabaya. Besides being able to walk, you can also hunt for photos for you to upload to social media. What is clear, if you want a historical tour of the Red Bridge Area, you should not miss it.

Museum House of Sampoerna

Historic Tourist Places in Surabaya

You can also take a historical trip to the city of Surabaya by visiting the House Of Sampoerna. You might think that this place is related to a famous cigarette brand in Indonesia. This building became one of Sampoerna's cigarette production sites in 1932.

Previously this building was an orphanage which was later purchased by the owner from Sampoerna. Having undergone several renovations, currently, HOS, as it is called, has become a beautiful museum. This historical tourist spot in Surabaya offers many complete collections related to history.

Interestingly, you can also join a free tour that will allow you to know more about the history of the city of Heroes. Several historical buildings serve as tourist destinations that are so fun. Guided by a guide who provides narration and additional information, making your vacation trip even more memorable.

Internatio Building

Historic Tourist Places in Surabaya

A place that has historical traces that can also be visited is the International Building. The building which has the name Internationale Crediten Handelvereeniging was a place for trade management during the Dutch era. This building was also the headquarters of the Allied forces.

Having a distinctive design will bring you nostalgia in the colonial era. Fierce fighting and gunfights also occurred in this building. Making the battle for independence the forerunner of the events of November 10, 1945. The Internatio Building is a suitable place for you to visit.

Cerutu Building

Historic Tourist Places in Surabaya

This unique building that looks similar to a cigarette cigar is one that you must visit. Although the shape is similar to cigarettes, this building has nothing to do with cigarettes. This building is the office of a sugar company, which is also close to the Internatio Building.

Not only does it have an attractive building shape, but the Cerutu Building is also a historical place in the city of Heroes that you can visit. Generally, this building is often used as an object for taking pictures that are so interesting. Indeed, along Rajawali street there are many historic buildings.

Kalisosok Prison

Historic Tourist Places in Surabaya

Visiting a place that has history can not only be an alternative vacation. But you can also take advantage of visiting historical places, one of which is to add insight. You can also remember the struggle of the heroes to seize the independence that we enjoy today.

In Surabaya, you can visit the Kalisosok Prison, which is no longer in use. Several heroes such as WR Supratman, KH. Mas Mansyur and HOS Tjokroaminoto were detained here. To reduce the spooky impression, the walls of the prison have been decorated with colorful murals.

Yamato Hotel

Historic Tourist Places in Surabaya

Of course, you still remember the history lesson discussed the tearing of the Dutch flag at the Yamato hotel? Where the flag is replaced with a red and white flag. This heroic and historic action took place on top of a hotel called Hotel Yamato. That way it can be said if this hotel is an example of a historical place that can be visited.

Currently, the Yamato hotel has changed its name to the Majapahit hotel. In addition to being a silent witness to the action at that time, you can make this hotel a place to stay overnight. Each side offers a unique Dutch-style luxury. Both the building and the interior of this place haven't changed much.

Besides being a place to spend the night in Surabaya, this one hotel is also one of the historical places in the city of Surabaya. Traveling around the area is also an exciting activity when you stay at this hotel. Be sure to capture some corners of this charming architectural hotel.

There are still some historical tourist attractions that you can visit when in Surabaya. However, the ones already mentioned are the best known and most visited. You can add insight as well as unwind with a useful vacation. Don't forget to prepare a camera and a free memory to capture it.

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