Tourist Attractions in Bandung that are Fun to Visit Until Now

Bandung always has memories that are hard to forget for those who have been there. Because everything related to Bandung always makes you yearn to come back again. Not only from the variety of culinary tours there but also tourist attractions in Bandung such as the cool city atmosphere that makes us never bored to return to this Flower City.

Tourist attractions in Bandung always have an attraction to visit. So, it's no longer surprising that this city is a prime tourist destination for Indonesian people. Moreover, for residents of Jakarta, Bandung is the right choice as a short vacation destination. Because it only takes two hours to get there by private car.

Although it has been a favorite tourist destination for years, the tourism industry in Bandung continues to be improved. Yes, Bandung continues to innovate and tries to fulfill the desires of tourists who want to visit for fun or just to unwind from the crowd.

But considering that we are currently undergoing the New Normal Era, traveling cannot be arbitrary. We recommend that you choose a tourist spot that is in an open space so that it has air circulation. In addition, open tourist attractions are also easier to implement social distancing. For those of you who want to keep having fun traveling to Bandung in the New Normal Era, here are recommendations for Bandung tourist attractions that you can visit.

Situ Patenggang

Tourist Attractions in Bandung that are Fun to Visit Until Now

Situ Patenggang is a natural tourist attraction located in Ciwidey, South Bandung. Situ Patenggang has an area of up to 45,000 hectares. It's really spacious, around the wide lake there are tea plantations that make the scenery in the Situ Patenggang area even more beautiful.

So beautiful, many tourists come here just to enjoy the atmosphere and scenery at Situ Patenggang. Enjoying the beautiful scenery plus the cool Bandung air will definitely make memories at Situ Patenggang hard to forget.

Puncak Bintang Bandung

Tourist Attractions in Bandung that are Fun to Visit Until Now

Puncak Bintang is a new tourist spot in Bandung. Just as the name suggests, Puncak Bintang (Star Peak) is located on top of the hills. Because the peak of the star is located at an altitude of 1442 meters above sea level, it is not surprising that it is often shrouded in fog and the air is quite cold.

So if you want to come here, don't forget to bring a jacket so you don't get cold. While holding back the cold, you can enjoy the view of the city of Bandung from Puncak Bintang Bandung. The view of the flower city will be more amazing if you see it at night.

Because you will be presented with a view of the lights from all over the city sparkling on a dark expanse. Anyway, this one Bandung tourist spot you shouldn't miss when visiting Bandung.

De Ranch Lembang

Tourist Attractions in Bandung that are Fun to Visit Until Now

Do you want to feel like a cowboy? At De Ranch Lembang you can become a cowboy in an instant. This place used to be an ordinary horse farm. But now it has been developed as a family tourist spot that carries the cowboy concept. Interesting right? De Ranch Lembang has complete facilities that are perfect for a family vacation. There are rides for children's games, outbound, culinary areas, and many others.

Orchid Forest Cikole

Tourist Attractions in Bandung that are Fun to Visit Until Now

This Bandung tourist spot is also a hit among tourists, the name is Orchid Forest Cikole. Orchid Forest Cikole is a place for orchid cultivation as well as a tourist spot. Many tourists visit here to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

But there are also tourists who come for photos because the location is suitable for photo spots. Orchid Forest Cikole has a very large collection of orchids, arguably one of the largest in Indonesia. Now if you want to travel, take pictures, or enjoy the beauty of the Orchid Flower collection, Orchid Forest Cikole is perfect for you to come.

All the places mentioned above are relatively safe for you to visit during the New Normal Era like now. Traveling in open spaces and practicing social distancing are the keys so that you can travel safely. But you also can't forget and ignore other health protocols, right. You have to wear a mask and wash your hands regularly.

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