Why is Bali Island favored by International Tourists?

Why is Bali Island favored by International Tourists?

The island of Bali is very famous among foreign tourists, even Bali is better known than Indonesia itself. Always full of international tourists, what makes the island of Bali attractive in their eyes?

The Attraction of the Island of Bali for International Tourists

The general landscape of the island of Bali which is illuminated by the sun throughout the year is the main attraction of Bali as a tropical island. But besides the sun, several things make foreign tourists always want to return to this island.

The best place to find peace

Remember the movie called Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts? This film tells the story of Elizabeth Gilbert's journey to Bali to find her purpose in life after a divorce. Bali is indeed famous for seeking tranquility. Many areas of the island of Bali are far from the hustle and bustle of the city and close to nature so the atmosphere is full of peace.

No wonder so many meditation practitioners live here to help people find meaning in their life journey.

Adequate transportation access

Bali has adequate transportation access so that it is easy for foreign tourists to visit here. Through Ngurah Rai Airport they can directly arrive on the island of Bali without the need to transit in other cities. In addition, there is also the Bali Mandara toll access which facilitates mobility and has an amazing view.

Strong culture

Why is Bali Island favored by International Tourists?

Balinese people are famous for upholding their culture. From various cultural ornaments, buildings, clothes, to traditional ceremonies, they are very easy to find. The beauty of Balinese culture makes foreign tourists very impressed because it is difficult for them to find in other places.

Many kinds of nature tourism

The beaches on the island of Bali are indeed famous for their beauty and waves, but besides the actual beaches, Bali has other natural charms that are no less enchanting. You can find rice fields, forests, rivers, to cliffs here.

Spice-rich culinary tourism destination

Culinary origin from the Island of the Gods, Bali is known to have a strong spice taste. The richness of this spice-rich taste is often hunted by foreign tourists. For those who rarely eat this kind of food, the sensation of eating in Bali becomes an irreplaceable special memory.


Why is Bali Island favored by International Tourists?

Compared to vacationing in Europe, Japan, or Korea, the island of Bali is still relatively more affordable. Although affordable, the landscape of the island of Bali is very enchanting so that Bali is an affordable vacation option but it does not disappoint.

Balinese hospitality

This is another thing that makes tourists comfortable living in Bali, namely the friendliness of the people. Balinese people are known to be very friendly and open to foreign tourists. Besides that, many Balinese people are fluent in English so that communication with tourists is also easier.

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