Various Specialty Foods of Semarang for Souvenirs

Various Specialty Foods of Semarang for Souvenirs

A trip to Semarang is incomplete if you don't buy souvenirs. It turns out that many Semarang specialties are suitable as souvenirs. In addition to the taste that is delicious, this food is also durable so it will not be damaged during the trip.

For those of you who are curious about what Semarang specialties are suitable for souvenirs, it's better to check the food list here.

Milkfish Presto

Various Specialty Foods of Semarang for Souvenirs

It's easy to find pressure milkfish outside of Semarang, but it's not complete if you haven't tried the original presto milkfish from the city of Semarang. Milkfish presto is made from milkfish cooked with a special technique. This typical Semarang food recipe consists of milkfish seasoned with garlic, salt, and turmeric.

Then the fish is cooked using a pressure cooker so that the fish bones become soft. The typical presto milkfish from Semarang has a savory taste. Very delicious eaten with warm rice.

Lumpia (Spring Rolls)

Various Specialty Foods of Semarang for Souvenirs

If you're a typical Semarang souvenir, this one must be familiar, Lumpia (Spring Rolls)! The typical food of Semarang, Lumpia (Spring Rolls), is a traditional snack that combines Chinese and Javanese culture. Lumpia Semarang (Spring Rolls) has a sweet and savory taste whose filling is made from bamboo shoots, chicken, and rolled with a thin skin.

Wingko Babat (Wingko tripe)

Various Specialty Foods of Semarang for Souvenirs

Wingko Babat (Wingko tripe) is a typical food from Semarang, Central Java which is very legendary. Wingko has a sweet, legit taste, made from a young coconut, glutinous rice flour, and sugar. As a popular souvenir from Semarang, Wingko Babat (Wingko tripe) began to be known in Semarang around 1946, in the atmosphere of World War II.

Meatball Tofu

Various Specialty Foods of Semarang for Souvenirs

Besides spring rolls and wingko tripe, meatball tofu is also a souvenir of Semarang's special food which is a favorite for travelers because it doesn't go stale easily. Different from the usual tofu, meatball tofu combines tofu and meatballs in one snack at once.

Generally, meatball tofu is made from tofu skin which is filled with flour and beef mixture. But now I know that meatballs have become more varied because, in addition to using beef, some use chicken, shrimp, and crab.

Bread Ganjel Rail

Various Specialty Foods of Semarang for Souvenirs

Roti Ganjel Rel, Semarang's specialty food whose name is very unique. Not without reason, the shape of this bread at first glance is like a railroad track. The typical food of Semarang, Roti Ganjel Rel, is usually a bone of contention when the Dugderan festival takes place in Semarang. However, this bread is less popular than contemporary bread because of its tough taste and slightly rough texture.

However, many still idolize the ganjel rail bread because when you eat it seems to bring you to the classic atmosphere of the old Dutch colonial era.

Tumpi Torakur

Various Specialty Foods of Semarang for Souvenirs

Tumpi Torakur at first glance looks like a dent, but it's different. If you usually use peanuts, anchovies, or rebon shrimp to mix the dough, Tumpi Torakur uses green beans instead. The taste of this food is delicious to be used as a snack or as a side dish when eating heavy.

Those are some typical Semarang foods that are suitable as souvenirs, if you go to Semarang, don't forget to buy the Semarang specialties listed above.

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