Tourist Attractions in Bandung for Hunting Cool Photos

Tourist Attractions in Bandung for Hunting Cool Photos

Today's vacation is not enough just to enjoy the atmosphere, it is obligatory to make cool photo documentation. Apart from being a memento to remind you of vacation moments with loved ones, photos can also be a medium to exist in cyberspace. Posting photos while on vacation allows you to share happiness with friends on your social media.

No need to doubt, Bandung does have many interesting tourist attractions. Interesting tourist spots to be used as photo spots are now also starting to appear. For those of you who like photos and want to hunt for cool photos, Bandung can be your vacation destination this time. The following are recommendations for Bandung tourist locations that have cool photo spots.

The Great Asia Africa

Tourist Attractions in Bandung for Hunting Cool Photos

Want to try traveling around the world without spending a fortune? Just come to The Great Asia Africa. This tourist attraction is located in Lembang, Bandung. Combining nature tourism and contemporary playgrounds, The Great Asia Afrika has succeeded in attracting the attention of tourists. The interesting thing that you can find here are the buildings that are unique and identical to certain countries. There are arenas similar to those in Japan, Europe, and even Africa. It's really fun!

Rabbit Town Bandung

Tourist Attractions in Bandung for Hunting Cool Photos

This tourist spot has indeed gone viral on social media. Rabbit Town is a new tourist attraction in Bandung. Here there are several interesting rides that you can visit such as La Store, Dove Garden, and Love Lock. He said Rabbit Town Bandung is a paradise for unique photo lovers. So just come to Rabbit Town which is located on Street Crossroads No. 30-32, Ciumbuleuit, Kec. Cidadap, Bandung City.

Forest Walk

Tourist Attractions in Bandung for Hunting Cool Photos

Looking for interesting tourist spots doesn't always have to be colorful. Nature tourism can also be a cool photo spot like the Forest Walk. The location is in the Babakan Siliwangi Forest area. Forest Walk is a green open space that anyone is free to visit. The arena is very beautiful and overgrown with many trees. So if you come here, you can take cool photos, you can also refresh to relieve stress. Very cool isn't it?

Little Seoul

Tourist Attractions in Bandung for Hunting Cool Photos

The Korean wave is hitting the world, including Indonesia. Because of K-pop artists and Korean dramas, many people suddenly want to go on vacation to Korea. However, traveling to Korea certainly requires a large budget. A solution for those of you who want to experience the Korean atmosphere but don't have a lot of budgets, try coming to Little Seoul Bandung.

Here there are many typical Korean miniatures. Guaranteed exactly like the one in Korea because it works directly with the South Korean government. There are also Korean specialties that you can taste here.

Upside Down World

Tourist Attractions in Bandung for Hunting Cool Photos

He said Upside Down World is the best place to hunt for unusual photos. How can that be? Because here you will be presented with many photo spots that defy gravity, aka upside down. So when the photo is as if you are floating and the things around you are upside down. Let's not be curious, just try it right away!

Bandung does have a myriad of cool tours to be used as photo spots. In addition, its easy-to-reach location also makes a vacation budget to Bandung more affordable.

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