Alahan Panjang, a village in Indonesia with a feel like Switzerland

Alahan Panjang, a village in Indonesia with a feel like Switzerland

To feel the atmosphere like in Switzerland, now you no longer need to go there. In Indonesia, Alahan Panjang to be precise, there is a village whose vibes are not far behind that of the European country.

If you are bored and want to try something different, you can make this a bucket list for your next vacation. When on vacation there, are there any tours that you can visit? Read more below!

Alahan Panjang Twin Lakes

Alahan Panjang, a village in Indonesia with a feel like Switzerland

The first Alahan Panjang tour that you must visit is the Twin Lakes. The name Twin Lakes is because of its unique location and different from the usual lakes. Twin Lakes consists of 2 lakes that have different locations, below and above.

The lake below is in Nagari Bukit Sileh while the lake above is in Nagari Alahan Panjang.

Twin Lakes is located in Bungo Tanjung, Lembah Gumanti, Solok, West Sumatra and have a view that spoils the eye. For those of you who want to visit this lake, you only need to pay IDR 4,000 and this tour is open 24 hours a day.

Alahan Panjang Tea Plantation

Alahan Panjang, a village in Indonesia with a feel like Switzerland

Not only the area of West Java which has a large tea garden with a cool atmosphere. In Alahan Panjang Solok, West Sumatra, there is a tea garden which is located not far from the Twin Lakes.

This tea garden is quite old because it has existed since the Dutch colonial era. Usually, tourists visit here to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere before they visit the lake.

The entrance fee for Alahan Panjang Tea Plantation is only IDR 4,0000. That's it, you can visit this tea garden at any time because the opening hours are flexible 24 hours a day.

Cambai Hill

Do you want to feel the beautiful panorama of four lakes and four mountains at once? You have to visit Cambai Hill, which is located on the Nanam River, Lembah Gumanti, Solok, West Sumatra.

From the top of the peak, you can see Twin Lakes, Singkarak Lake, and Talang Lake. Already like that, still, in the same place you can see the beauty of the mountains in this village. The four mountains are Mount Kerinci, Mount Talang, Mount Marapi, and Mount Singgalang. Anyway, you won't regret it if you have visited this destination in Alahan Panjang!

Pimpiang Alahan Panjang

Alahan Panjang, a village in Indonesia with a feel like Switzerland

Pimpiang Alahan Panjang is the outskirts of a lake that looks like it is on the beach. So, getting to the end of the lake water is getting shallower and vice versa.

So, if you want to try the sensation of playing in the water on the beach with a cool mountain-style atmosphere like in Switzerland, just come to Pimpiang in Alahan Panjang. The location is in the Lembah Gumanti, Solok.

Apart from that, if you want to take photos, on the outskirts of the lake there is a garden which is decorated with beautiful flowers and is very suitable as a photo spot.

Nanam River Reservoir

So, this location is perfect for relaxing after a day of visiting tourist destinations in Alahan Panjang.

You can enjoy the calm atmosphere coupled with the breeze that makes your heart more calm and peaceful. The Nanam River Embung is in the Lembah Gumanti, Solok, West Sumatra.

That's the tour around Alahan Panjang that you can visit for your next vacation. Visiting there certainly requires careful planning.

There are many lodging options in Alahan Panjang that you can choose from. Find the nearest inn you want and book.

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