Maratua Island, Like Maldives In Indonesia

Maldives, a well-known island nation consisting of a collection of coral islands that surround the lagoon in the Indian Ocean. Maldives is always crowded with tourists every year, especially many famous figure artists who have a lot of vacation there because of the clear and beautiful natural scenery of the sea.

Its natural charm is amazing. But unfortunately, the cost is expensive. For those of you who want to feel the beauty of the Maldives no longer need to worry. Because it turns out, Indonesia also has island tourist destinations that are not less far from those in Maldives.

Maratua Island, Like Maldives In Indonesia

Maratua Island itself is in the outermost position of Indonesia, namely in the Sulawesi Sea bordering Malaysia and the Philippines. Administratively, Maratua Island is part of the Maratua Subdistrict, Berau District, East Kalimantan Province which was only formed in 2003.

Maratua Island, in the Derawan Islands is better known by divers and marine biologists than Indonesians themselves because of the extraordinary diversity of marine life. It is a place of fierce fighting between developers and conservation because of the tension between economic development and the need to preserve rare ecology. This is a jumping point for divers to explore some of the richest and most unusual dive sites in the world.

There are many dive spots around Maratua, but here is a list of famous dive spots available. Each diving spot has its own unique scenery. the following include:

Jetty Dive Spot

Entering the waters close to the Maratua reef house, this shallow dive has many things to offer, especially at sunset. Around the reef (where you can find rare elephant ears) about 60ft offshore you will find lots of mandarin fish; divers can even see them mating. You can also see flocks of crocodiles, squid, harlequin shrimp, beautiful sea snails, blue ring octopus, giant shells, and many more. Many tourists again dive here for the umpteenth time and find new treasures all the time.

Turtle Traffic Spot

Maratua Island, Like Maldives In Indonesia

Next on the reef you will definitely see some giant turtles. Most are green turtles, although usually you can see Hawksbill turtles too. They are very gentle, and will let you approach them close enough. At a depth of only 10m, you will find lots of marine specimens to be studied including moray eels, mantis shrimp, lobster and sea snails cleverly disguise themselves among the coral reefs of colorful dazzling.

Mid Reef

Maratua diving spots on Mid Reef are frequented by Nurse Sharks and Thresher Sharks. Other sights, divers are also spoiled with cute cute turtles, a pack of seahorses, hawkfish, parrot stingrays, and many others who swim here and there. Keep an eye on dwarf seahorses between coral sponges and giant sea fans will be an amazing experience here.

Eel Garden

As the name implies, Eel Garden aka eel garden is home to sea eels. This park is a long stretch of coral that slowly stretches to the sandy bottom. Eels are abundant here, and depending on the moment, you can also see Spanish tuna, and barracuda flocks along with many types of hard and soft coral reefs.

Hanging Garden

Maratua Island, Like Maldives In Indonesia

Vertical walls, with many porches and ditches are home to a variety of extraordinary coral and fish. Black coral trees and sea fans thrive along the walls, while many reef fish hide in caves and crevices such as sweetlips, snappers and angelfish. On the outside of the vertical wall, divers can find sharks and turtles swimming happily.

Cabbage Garden

Very little protected area that is suitable for less experienced divers. As well as the number of cabbage that gets its name, there are many other reef fish here. This is also a popular hangout for turtles.

The Channel

Maratua Island, Like Maldives In Indonesia

Maybe this was the most interesting dive spot around Maratua, the magic of the Strait never changed. Currents can be so extreme that it is not always possible to dive here, but, in addition to the richness of coral reefs, fish are also abundant. Shark varieties include hammerheads, gray sharks and white sharks, as well as tuna, barracuda, Manta stingrays and eagles and snapper. What needs to be taken care of, is only a high flying hour divers that can dive into the most extreme diving spots in Maratua.

Maratua Island, Like Maldives In Indonesia

Maratua Island, Like Maldives In Indonesia

For those of you who are interested in visiting here the easiest route to Maratua Island is through Tanjung Redeb. Wherever the city is from, take the flight to Balikpapan. From Balikpapan continue the flight to Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. Upon arrival in Berau, the next destination is Tanjung Redeb. Then, continue the trip by boat to Maratua Island. The ship operates on Monday, Friday and Sunday. Easier, use the travel operator services to Maratua Island.

Maratua Island, Like Maldives In Indonesia

Maratua Island, Like Maldives In Indonesia

Here is also available lodging for tourists who like to explore this island. The most famous lodging in Maratua is Maratua Paradise Resort, at this resort you can be satisfied watching the sea with turquoise water, very beautiful.

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