Latimojong Mountains, The Highest Mountain In Sulawesi Island


The Province of South Sulawesi is part of the provinces in Indonesia which have the highest mountain in the country. Latimojong Mountains located in Enrekang Regency are part of the seven highest peaks in Indonesia (Seven Summits of Indonesia). This mountain range in the north of South Sulawesi Province has several peaks. The highest point of this mountain is named Mario Rante Peak with an altitude of 3,430 meters above sea level. The starting point of this mountain climbing can be started from Karangan Village.

Latimojong Mountains are the highest point on Sulawesi Island. This mountain range is not a volcano like other mountains scattered in several regions of Indonesia. The area of ​​the Latimojong mountains is filled with Montana-type forests where the characteristics of this type of forest are grown in an area of ​​2,000 to 3,000 meters above sea level. If lucky, the climbers can meet deer and anoa pigs in this mountain forest area.

The Latimojong Mountains are known to have seven peaks and each peak has its own name. Buntu Rante Mario was the highest point on the island of Sulawesi, followed by Buntu Nenemori as the second highest point, and other peaks namely Buntu Sinaji, Buntu Sikolong, Buntu Rante Kambola, Buntu Bajaja, and Buntu Latimojong. In Karangan Village, which is the starting point of the climb, there is a large clear water river called Salu Karangan. In this village too, climbers who need porter services can request the services of local residents.

There are seven resting stations that can be used by climbers to rest or set up tents before reaching the Rante Mario Peak. After passing through post seven, the vegetation began to change. Tall trees began to diminish, so the view was more clearly visible. Passing through post seven, the climbers will find a field that has branched roads. This branch directs the climbers to two different points, one to Rante Mario Peak and the other to Nenemori Peak. If you have arrived at Mario Rante Peak, the climbers will be treated to views from other peaks that are part of the Latimojong Mountains. While the peak itself is marked by a triangulation monument in the middle of a fairly flat land, bearing the peak of Rante Mario.

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