Exotic and Mysterious Waterfall on Sumba Island

Exotic and Mysterious Waterfall on Sumba Island

Sumba Island is an exotic island located in the East Nusa Tenggara region. It is located near Flores or more precisely in the southwest. Here there are many natural tourist areas that can be enjoyed. Especially for young people who like to look for challenges while knowing the natural beauty in Indonesia. There are several waterfalls that must be visited when you are on Sumba Island. Next is the list!

Lapopu Waterfall, Beautiful Toska Color

Exotic and Mysterious Waterfall on Sumba Island

One of the beauty of Sumba that must be witnessed directly is Lapopu Waterfall in Katikutana Selatan, Central Sumba Regency. In addition to the highest, the waterfall is multilevel. The water is very clear and turquoise. Even though it looks big and heavy, the bathing depth below is only 2 meters, so it's safe to swim.

Tanggedu Waterfall

Exotic and Mysterious Waterfall on Sumba Island

Heaven of the world, that's how you imagine when you reach the Tanggedu Waterfall after passing unpaved roads and also winding, also tiring treking. This Waterfall is in the village with the same name, East Sumba. Uniquely, the water has 2 colors because it comes from different sources.

Matayangu Waterfall, Stopover of the Spirits

Exotic and Mysterious Waterfall on Sumba Island

A challenging sweatful journey must be passed to reach this paradise, namely Matayangu Waterfall. After passing access that is far from smooth, you still have to walk in the middle of a slippery forest with lots of insects for about 1 hour. However, the magical beauty of a waterfall that is believed to be a haven for spirits before returning to the sky is amazing. Local residents also believe that this place is guarded by giant octopus.

Waimarang Waterfall, Beauty in the Outback

Exotic and Mysterious Waterfall on Sumba Island

The blue water under Waimarang Waterfall is very beautiful and sedating, inviting anyone to swim for long. Prepare your energy, because to reach this hidden location will be very tiring. The location is in Umalulu, East Sumba and is challenging with steep roads and trekking in the middle of the forest. Look, the beauty will pay off your sweat, right?

Those are some beautiful waterfalls that must be visited on Sumba Island. Design your vacation to Sumba Island from now on. How, where do you want to go first?

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