Tourist Attractions Around Mount Lawu

Tourist Attractions Around Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu does not only present the beauty that can be enjoyed by climbers only. Around the slopes of Mount Lawu there are some natural nuanced tourist objects that can be enjoyed by anyone without having to do trekking first. Attractions around Mount Lawu are not only found in Karanganyar but also Magetan in the East Java province. The following are some tourist attractions around the slopes of Mount Lawu that you can visit

Sarangan Lake

Tourist Attractions Around Mount Lawu

Sarangan Lake is a beautiful lake which is one of the leading tourist attractions in Magetan Regency, East Java. The location is about 5 km from Tawangmangu. This lake is on the slopes of Mount Lawu in the east. If you are not covered in fog, you can see the view of the peak of Mount Lawu from this place. Many interesting activities that we can do around Sarangan Lake, including enjoying the beauty of Lake by riding a water bicycle or speedboad.

Grojogan Sewu

Tourist Attractions Around Mount Lawu

Grojogan Sewu is the most famous tourist spot around Mount Lawu. This 80 meter high waterfall is in a valley that requires a short trip. The visitors must pass 1,250 steps to get to the location of the waterfall. The atmosphere around the waterfall itself is very refreshing because it is a tourist forest area. Many stalls are available there with rabbit sate being their mainstay menu. The volume of water in this waterfall is quite heavy and it is not recommended to be under it.

Jumog Waterfall

Tourist Attractions Around Mount Lawu

Turn to the west side. There are several interesting places that are not too far from Tawangmangu. One of them is Jumog Waterfall. This waterfall can be said to be the second famous waterfall on Mount Lawu after Grojogan Sewu. This waterfall is in Berjo Village, Ngargoyoso District. The location is about 4 km from Tawangmangu heading west. Jumog Waterfall itself has a height of about 30 meters. The area around the waterfall has been arranged in such a way that makes it more comfortable to visit.

Tea Gardens Kemuning

Tourist Attractions Around Mount Lawu

On the way to Cetho Temple we will pass the Kemuning Tea Plantation area. Green scenery will always be present when we pass this plantation. If you want, you can pause to enjoy the vast green tea garden. At dusk, the scenery in this tea garden will look even more special.

Cetho Temple

Tourist Attractions Around Mount Lawu

The temple that we will find on the slopes of Mount Lawu is Cetho Temple. From Tawangmangu, the distance is around 6 to 8 km. This temple is also a Hindu temple which is a relic of the Majapahit Kingdom. Some statues and reliefs in this temple can also be considered quite vulgar. However, there are not too many. What's interesting about this temple is its location right above the Yellow Tea Plantation. From this temple we can also see the view of the peak of Mount Lawu. Cetho Temple itself is also one of the climbing routes to the summit of Mount Lawu. This temple is located in Ceto Hamlet, Gumeng Village, Jenawi District, Karanganyar.

Sukuh Temple

Tourist Attractions Around Mount Lawu

This is the temple which is often referred to as a controversial temple. That is because in this temple complex there are many statues and reliefs that feature human sex organs. There is even one relief that symbolizes the intercourse process. Apart from all the controversies, the Sukuh Temple temple is indeed very interesting to visit. The temple itself is one of the legacies of the Majapahit Kingdom. The location is on the slopes of Mount Lawu so the atmosphere there also feels cool. Sukuh Temple is a blend of historical and cultural tourism and mountain nature tourism. This temple is a Hindu-style temple that was built in the last days of the Majapahit Kingdom's heyday.

Great Forest Park

Tourist Attractions Around Mount Lawu

About 600 meters from Sukuh Temple we will arrive at a tourist forest that has an equally pleasant atmosphere. The tourist forest has a long name for the Great Forest Park K.G.A.A.Mangkunagoro I but people often call it Tahura because it is simpler. In the tourist forest area there are several facilities for tourism purposes, including a villa for visitors who wish to spend the night.

Cemoro Sewu

Tourist Attractions Around Mount Lawu

Cemoro Sewu is also one of the official climbing routes of Mount Lawu. This line is the most crowded lane. The atmosphere around the Cemoro Sewu base camp is always crowded. There are many stalls there which also not only sell food and beverage menus but also sell atmosphere. When holidays, the sidewalks around Cemoro Sewu will be filled with tourists who sit around while enjoying the cool air of Mount Lawu accompanied by warm food, whether it's grilled corn, meatball or whatever. The location is exactly to the east of the border pillar of Central Java and East Java. Administratively, Cemoro Sewu has entered East Java.

So that's some tourist attractions around Mount Lawu, are you interested in visiting it?

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