Popular Tourist Spots in Pekanbaru


As the largest city in Riau Province, Pekanbaru has many tourist attractions. If you want to take a vacation and travel to Pekanbaru, IamIndonesia has recommendations for tourist attractions that are more hits and it's a shame to miss them. Anything? Come see!

Rainbow Hills

Popular tourist spots in Pekanbaru

Rainbow Hills is located on Jalan Kemping, Lembah Sari, Rumbai Pesisir District, Pekanbaru. Rainbow Hills is a popular photo spot that is 20 minutes from downtown Pekanbaru. As the name implies, this place is small land valleys that have colors ranging from yellow, pink, orange, brown, and others like rainbow colors. The color combination makes this hill look very attractive, especially when combined with the blue sky during the day. Because of its beauty, this hill is visited by many visitors to just take pictures. Well, for those of you who like photos, it's really mandatory to come here.

Bukit Kapur Air Hitam (Black Water Limestone Hill)

Popular Tourist Spots in Pekanbaru

Bukit Kapur Air Hitam (Black Water Limestone Hill) is in the Air Hitam area, Payung Sekaki sub-district. Here you can enjoy beautiful limestone hill views. Bukit Kapur Air Hitam is a popular place in Pekanbaru, no wonder this place is often used as a place for pre-wedding photos. So, if you want to come here during the day, don't forget to use sunblock and bring an umbrella. Even though it's very dry and hot, it's worth it for you to visit!

Great Mosque of An-Nur

Popular Tourist Spots in Pekanbaru

The Great Mosque of An-Nur is located on Hangtuah Street, Sumahilang Village, Pekanbaru City District, Pekanbaru, Riau. This mosque was built in 1963 and completed in 1968 with Arabic, Turkish, Malay, and Indian style buildings. This magnificent mosque is surrounded by green plants, one of which is a date palm. At the front, there is a large pool that adorns the mosque just like the Taj Mahal. In fact, the Great Mosque of An-Nur is called the Taj Mahal of Riau Province, you know! You don't need to go far to India, you can come to Riau Province to come to this mosque while exploring Pekanbaru.

Idrus Tintin Art Pavilion

Popular Tourist Spots in Pekanbaru

The Idrus Tintin Art Pavilion is a building with Riau-Malay style architecture which is usually used for exhibitions in Pekanbaru. If you like things about art, you really have to come here. This place is often used by artists to perform music, theater, and tar arts. In fact, this place was used to host the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) in 2007, you know! In addition, around the pavilion there are traditional house buildings from various regions in Riau to increase your knowledge.

Those are some popular tourist attractions in Pekanbaru. For those of you who want to visit Pekanbaru.


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