Tempting Balinese Culinary to Taste

Tempting Balinese Culinary to Taste

Bali does have an exotic nature. Its beauty always makes us want to go back and explore further. But not only that, Balinese culinary is no less interesting to explore.

Balinese food is inseparable from its culture and traditions. That said, some of these foods are even as old as the culture itself. Are you curious to try? The following is a list of Balinese specialties if you are curious about tasting it.

Satay Lilit

Tempting Balinese Culinary to Taste

Satay may be found easily in various parts of Indonesia, but each region of course has its own characteristics, just like Bali. The meat used in the Balinese satay is mashed, then marinated with coconut milk and other spices. Then, the meat will be wrapped around lemongrass or bamboo sticks and then grilled.

Nasi Jinggo

Tempting Balinese Culinary to Taste

From its shape, Nasi Jinggo is similar to cat rice. It contains rice, vegetables, and a few side dishes such as shredded chicken, fried noodles, and tempeh, which are wrapped in banana leaves. What's special about Nasi Jinggo is its super spicy chili sauce. If you are a spicy lover, try it! Jinggo rice is usually sold by residents on the side of the road.

Tepeng Rice

Tempting Balinese Culinary to Taste

Even though it's called rice, this Tepeng rice actually has a soft texture like porridge, poured with Balinese spices. Tepeng rice served with long beans, red beans, young jackfruit, eggplant, Moringa leaves, and grated coconut. Tepeng rice is a traditional Balinese food, especially in the Gianyar area, which is usually used as a breakfast menu.


Tempting Balinese Culinary to Taste

Similar to Pepes, Tum is a mixture of chicken meat, various spices, and coconut milk. All ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed. Sometimes, chicken for tum is also replaced with duck or pork.


Tempting Balinese Culinary to Taste

This mixture of vegetables, minced meat, and Balinese spices is really delicious to eat while warm. Add Satay Lilit as a complement, yummy! Your tongue will be spoiled with this one Balinese culinary.


Tempting Balinese Culinary to Taste

According to legend circulating, Betutu is one of the favorite foods of the previous king. Given the rather complicated way of cooking, it's no wonder that Betutu is the king's food. It takes about 8 hours to process the chicken or duck until it has the desired texture and all the seasonings are absorbed into the meat. About the taste, don't ask. The process doesn't betray results!

Sambal Matah

Tempting Balinese Culinary to Taste

This Balinese chili sauce can already be found in various restaurants and even small food stalls throughout Indonesia. Apart from the combination of shallots, garlic, and chilies which are commonly used as ingredients for hot sauce, Sambal Matah gives a different taste because of the touch of orange and lemongrass. Do you also like sambal Matah?

Those are some types of culinary from Bali that you deserve to taste when visiting Bali


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