Tips for Keeping Healthy During Traveling


To do intense activities such as traveling, a body that is fit from start to finish is needed. Unfortunately, even leaving healthy can sometimes get sick in the middle of a trip.

If you are planning a vacation of a long enough duration, you have to really pay attention to the pattern of your daily life while there. After all, your body must be more tired from exploring exciting places. In addition, if the rainfall is raining, it will be easier for viruses to stop by.

In the following, IamIndonesia will give you some tips that are very important to keep in mind while you are traveling so that your body remains healthy. Come on, listen!

Get enough sleep

When you're traveling, why are you being told to sleep? Yes, of course. Traveling doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the rest time your body needs. Sleep is essential. By getting enough sleep every day, you will wake up and be active all day long.

Always have breakfast

Never skip breakfast. Breakfast is very important to support your energy throughout the day. So, never miss breakfast time. Take the time even if it's only a glass of milk and two slices of bread, if you don't like milk, you can replace it with yogurt. The point is also to pay attention to the type of food you eat.

Drink a lot of water

Bring a drinking bottle with you wherever you go so you can drink enough along the way. A hydrated body will be more resistant to all weather conditions.

Avoid coffee, alcohol, and other sugary drinks

These three types of drinks should not be consumed frequently, even if you can not at all, while you are traveling. This is because coffee, alcohol, and sweet drinks have the potential to disrupt the body's metabolism and make your trip uncomfortable.

Fruit snacks

It's OK if you want to try street food, but try to keep eating lots of fruit to boost your immunity. Also, tuck in fresh fruit in your routine snacks.

Always wash your hands before eating

Never touch the food before washing your hands. Your hands must have touched a lot of things that don't count how many bacteria there are if the bacteria move into your body!

Take vitamins

Prevention is better than cure. Yes, right? Maybe you will find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet while traveling, just pocket a multivitamin to drink every day while you are traveling

So that your traveling will run smoothly and be fun, apply these tips.

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