Culinary Recommendations in Lampung, Make You Addictive


Planning a vacation to Sumatra Island? you can try vacationing in Lampung. Lampung has many popular tourist spots! Not only tourist attractions, but there are also many delicious culinary tours in Lampung. So that you don't get confused, IamIndonesia has culinary recommendations in Lampung that you must try.

Son Haji Sony meatballs

Culinary Recommendations in Lampung, Make You Addictive!

You haven't been to Lampung if you haven't tried this meatball, Bakso Son Haji Sony. Lampung people used to call it Sony Meatballs. This legendary meatball is located at Wolter Monginsidi No. 42A, Bandar Lampung, and already has more than 10 branches! For a bowl of meatballs, you only need to pay around IDR 15,000. Apart from meatballs, they also provide chicken noodles, pempek, and frozen meatballs that you can cook yourself at home.

Khodon noodles

Culinary Recommendations in Lampung, Make You Addictive!

Khodon noodles are on Ikan Bawal Street No. 22, Teluk Betung Selatan District, Lampung. This legendary noodle has been around since 1960. Khodon noodles are thick noodles like Javanese noodles in general, but the difference is the seasoning. What makes the taste unique and special is the Khodon Noodle using dried shrimp spices. Because it is made by yourself, Khodon Noodles are made without preservatives or other harmful ingredients and are definitely halal! Besides Khodon noodles, here are also available fried or boiled vermicelli noodles. Khodon noodles open from 01.00 pm and close when it runs out. Well, because many come every day, don't be late before it runs out!

Toha Uduk Rice

Culinary Recommendations in Lampung, Make You Addictive!

Toha Uduk Rice is on Raden Ajeng Kartini Street and has 2 other branches. Uduk Rice is very popular and has been around since the 1990s. Actually, Toha Uduk Rice is the same as rice uduk in general, but the taste is very tasty and delicious, making this uduk rice a favorite of buyers. There are various choices of side dishes ranging from tofu, tempeh, liver gizzard, intestines, rendang, fried chicken, and many more! For one portion of rice uduk, you only need to pay IDR 5,000 not including side dishes.

Pempek 123

Culinary Recommendations in Lampung, Make You Addictive!

In Lampung, you can find a lot of pempek, but the most famous one is Pempek 123. There are many variants of pempek that you can choose from, from pempek diving, adaan, skin, and others. Apart from pempek, they also provide other menus such as tekwan, rujak tahu, red bean ice and ice Laba lobby .. Pempek 123 can be brought for souvenirs and also sold online, you know! Pmpek 123 has quite an affordable price and you must try it!

Pindang Meranjat Riu

Culinary Recommendations in Lampung, Make You Addictive!

For those of you who are on vacation with your family, Pindang Meranjat Riu is perfect for you to visit. This restaurant has a large area with several huts. Pindang Meranjat Riu is always crowded, visitors ranging from local to foreign tourists! As the name implies, the main menu at this restaurant is pindang meranjat, but there are various other menus that are no less delicious, such as carp, duck chicken, and others. You must come here because, besides the delicious food, the atmosphere is also very comfortable!

Those are some culinary delights in Lampung that you must try if you are on vacation in Lampung.


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