The Right Time for a Vacation to Lombok

The Right Time for a Vacation to Lombok

Most lazy, if you are planning a vacation to Lombok, but right there you don't get the experience you expect. Want to go to the beach with the intention of shooting at the sunset, don't know when you arrive at the destination beach, the sunset is covered with cloudy clouds. Or want to try surfing but don't know when is the right time to get the right waves. Well, IamIndonesia as your traveling companion will tell you when is the right time for a vacation to Lombok.

December, January, and February don't hike

The Right Time for a Vacation to Lombok

Are you ready from now on to climb Rinjani at the end of this year? Better not. The problem is that in December, January, and February the rainfall is at its highest. So it's not recommended for a vacation to Lombok to climb Mount Rinjani. Instead of having your holiday intentions become a danger, right?

November and April can surf to the point of chills

The Right Time for a Vacation to Lombok

Finding the right time to surf, preferably in November and April. In addition to the sea in Lombok, which has big waves, in these months your surfing activities will be even more challenging because they are supported by the wind and the waves are fast. Pro surfers will definitely like the weather like this. No wonder, foreign tourists still like to have a vacation to Lombok because they are eyeing the exciting surfing arena like this.

July and August, the sunset view is the best

The Right Time for a Vacation to Lombok

Still the champion with the beaches, a traveler who goes to Lombok can't possibly go to the beach without eyeing the sunset view. Not bad, for adding Instagram feed material so you can use beautiful captions. Well, in July and August you can expect to get a good sunset view. The best spots that you can visit our Malimbu Hill and Gili Trawangan.

In the month of fasting, worship will feel more pronounced

The Right Time for a Vacation to Lombok

If it's time for any foodie trip. Because the majority of Lombok people are Muslim, the iftar snacks will be full of Lombok specialties. In addition, Lombok is also known as the Island of a Thousand Mosques because the mosques are located there quite a lot and close together. For those who fast, their worship will be more enjoyable. Since many people fast too, they feel hungry because of the delicious food. Make sure your faith is strong.

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