Tourist attractions in East Kalimantan


The Indonesian government has officially declared that East Kalimantan will become the new capital. The consideration was that East Kalimantan had minimal natural disasters and for equitable development in various aspects. What's in East Kalimantan? For those of you who are curious or happen to take a trip there, here IamIndonesia will discuss interesting East Kalimantan tourist attractions for you to visit.

Bangkirai Hill Tourism

Tourist attractions in East Kalimantan

This tourist park began operating in 1998 and is managed by PT Inhutani I, the Industrial Park Forest Management Unit (UMHTI). To get here, you need to travel about 58 km from the city of Balikpapan. With an area of 1,500 hectares, you can enjoy the cool and fresh air in this tourist forest. In Bangkirai Hill Tourism, there is also a variety of vegetation ranging from tropical fruits, wild forest orchids to bangkirai trees that are about 150 years old and 50 meters high. Besides that, there is also a bridge called the Tajuk Bridge. It is about 64 meters long and is 30 meters high. This bridge connects 5 large Bangkirai trees made by an American architect. For those of you who want to enter here, you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 15,000 for local tourists and IDR 30,000 for foreign tourists.

Losan Cave

Tourist attractions in East Kalimantan

The next interesting tourist spot in East Kalimantan for you to visit is Losan Cave. In the local language, Losan means a translucent cave that connects East and South Kalimantan. To enter here cannot be arbitrary because you must be accompanied by a caretaker or trained officer from the local Tourism Office. In the cave, the lighting is only limited to a flashlight and a torch. In addition, in the cave you will also find water sources and rows of natural stones which, when hit, will make regular sounds like a musical instrument. Losan cave is also big enough that it will take five days to explore it. To enter, visitors will be charged an entrance ticket fee of IDR 5,000 for one person.

Liang Mangkulangit

Tourist attractions in East Kalimantan

For those of you who like challenges, you can visit Liang Mangkulangit. This tourist spot in East Kalimantan is a rocky mountain that serves as a wall and roof for the Kandilau River. Entering the cave you will see an amazing view of the magnitude of this cave because of its unspoiled conditions. Not only that, because of its beauty, you can also find lots of wildlife and tropical trees around the cave. To come here you can travel for about 5 hours from Balikpapan City.

Green Valley Recreation Park

Tourist attractions in East Kalimantan

Next, there is the Green Valley Recreation Park located in Samarinda. Here, visitors can see a replica of the forest complete with various types of typical Kalimantan wood. More than that, you can also find various other facilities such as fishing ponds, pavilions, and cafeterias. The visitors who come here can also camp, complete with available equipment. In addition, at Green Valley Recreation Park you can also find playgrounds such as water bombs, long nets, and flying foxes. The entrance ticket is priced at IDR 5,000 for one person and for those of you who want to try the place to play, prepare an additional IDR 180,000.

Kakaban Island

Tourist attractions in East Kalimantan

Kakaban Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions in East Kalimantan. Kakaban Island is in the Derawan archipelago. Kakaban Island offers the beauty of a jellyfish lake, which is one of the two lakes in the world that has jellyfish in it. There are four types of jellyfish that you can find here, namely Casiopea, Aurelia, Mastihias Papua, and Golden Jellyfish. What's special is that the jellyfish in this lake don't sting so that visitors are allowed to snorkel or dive. Another marine life that you can find here is hammer sharks, barracuda, white tip, clown fish to beautiful coral reefs.

Labuan Cermin Lake

Tourist attractions in East Kalimantan

The next place that is no less popular in East Kalimantan is Labuan Cermin Lake. The water is so clear that you can see your own reflection like a mirror. Interestingly, the water in this lake consists of two layers where the top is freshwater and the bottom is salt water. Uniquely, the two waters do not mix and you can see them with the naked eye. This is what makes this lake inhabited by a variety of different organisms, namely freshwater fish that live on the sea surface and saltwater fish that live under the lake. The location of this lake is surrounded by forests and cliffs. To get here, you can travel about 6 to 7 hours by land or by taking a traditional fishing boat that is there by passing through mangrove bushes and thick inland forests of Kalimantan.

Those are some information about tourist attractions in East Kalimantan.

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