Comfortable Traveling Tips during the Rainy Season

Comfortable Traveling Tips during the Rainy Season

The rainy season is not an obstacle to keep traveling, especially if there is an opportunity for a long holiday at the end of the year like now. It's a bit tricky to choose a destination and what types of activities are safe to do during the rainy season, but there's no need to worry. As long as they are carefully prepared, everything will run smoothly!

Here are some travel tips that IamIndonesia can apply to get ready if the year-end holiday plans are getting higher the rainfall. Come on, watch!

Make sure everyone is healthy

Keep your body in top shape before departure time. If not, traveling will feel uncomfortable. Dense activity plus humid weather has the potential to reduce health.

Before traveling, equip all family members with additional vitamins to maintain endurance. However, if before leaving there are signs of illness, take the time to consult a doctor first.

Prepare Mosquito Repellent

In the rainy season, mosquitoes have the potential to transmit various viruses. If you are going to be traveling to places close to nature, such as to the beach or mountainous areas, prepare mosquito repellent to always be used for maximum protection.

Watch your food intake

Food intake is very important to maintain body resistance naturally. Therefore, make sure you get enough nutrition and eat regularly to maintain immunity. Also, prepare fruits to be snacks in between meals to avoid the desire to eat certain foods that are not good for health!

Packing carefully

Packing for traveling in the rainy season will certainly be different from other seasons. In the rainy season, you also have to prepare other supporting items such as raincoats, comfortable shoes, and umbrellas. Don't forget to put in medicines, or warm massage oil for emergencies.

Choose the right clothes

To make traveling more comfortable, prepare closed clothes, trousers, socks, and jackets. Apart from keeping the body warm, the closed clothes also function to ward off mosquito bites that can carry disease viruses.

So many tips for traveling during the rainy season from IamIndonesia, don't forget to apply it so that traveling remains comfortable.

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