Recommended Exciting Camping Places in Jogja

Recommended Exciting Camping Places in Jogja

For lovers of the beauty of the outdoors, camping is definitely one of the attractive vacation options. Whether on the mountain, on the beach, or by the lake, sleeping in a tent and spending time as close to nature as possible is bliss.

Next time you go to Jogja, maybe you can try to take a day or two for camping. You don't need to go all the way to Merapi, especially if you don't usually climb mountains. Try the camping place that IamIndonesia just recommend. Guaranteed no less exciting.

Sermo Reservoir

Recommended Exciting Camping Places in Jogja

Located in Kulon Progo district, the Sermo Reservoir is again used as a camping spot! The calm man-made lake water with a hilly background will be a sight for your eyes if you are camping here. Oh yeah, you can also try camping using a campervan which is starting to rent out in Jogja.


Recommended Exciting Camping Places in Jogja

This one is a specialist in glamping. Its location in Purworejo. In the middle of a pine forest, you can stay in an available tent. Of the 10 existing tents, 9 of them have a capacity of 6 people, and 1 of them is a VIP tent with a capacity of 4 people. Even though it's called a 'tent', you can still sleep comfortably because it includes a soft mattress, pillows, complete with blankets.

Greweng Beach

Recommended Exciting Camping Places in Jogja

The location of Greweng beach is unique, hidden behind two hills that almost cover it from the open sea. Automatically, the currents are calmer than the southern beaches in general. The coast is also sloping, so this beach is suitable for camping. But, because this beach tends to be remote and relatively quiet, it's a good idea to go there together.

Kosakora Hill

Recommended Exciting Camping Places in Jogja

Kosakora Hill is right above Ngrumput beach. So even though you are camping on a green grass in the hill area, the view is still sea and beach. Great, right?

Wohkudu Beach

Recommended Exciting Camping Places in Jogja

Similar to Greweng beach, Wohkudu beach is also hidden between two high cliffs. Well, for camping you can set up a tent in the middle area which is overgrown with grass. Wohkudu Beach does not yet have adequate supporting facilities, so be ready to really live side by side with nature, if you are camping here. Including defecation. Hey, ready or not?

That was the recommendation for exciting camping spots in Jogja from IamIndonesia. You may try it once in a while when you visit there. Or do you want a comfortable vacation like usual? Can also!

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