Hits Tourist Spot in Banyuwangi

Hits Tourist Spot in Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi is a regency located at the eastern tip of Java Island. Recently, Banyuwangi has become one of the most popular destinations. Well, if you are confused about finding a place to vacation, Banyuwangi is perfect for you to come! Here, IamIndonesia will provide recommendations for Hits Tourist Spot in Banyuwangi.

Baluran National Park

Hits Tourist Spot in Banyuwangi

This place is one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists. Baluran National Park is nicknamed “Little Africa in Java” because of its views of the savanna and wild animals. Apart from being satisfied with seeing beautiful scenery, here you can find various protected animals such as deer, bulls, buffalo, monkeys, and peacocks. To enter Baluran National Park, you only need to pay IDR 21,000

Kalilo Colorful Village

Hits Tourist Spot in Banyuwangi

Vacationing to Banyuwangi, not only can you find natural attractions! One of the destinations that you must visit next is Kalilo Colorful Village. Yep, this place is very similar to the colorful village in Malang. For those of you who are looking for an Instagramable place, try coming here! The location is also easy to find, which is near the Baiturahman Mosque or more precisely in Singonegaran Village, Banyuwangi District.

De Djawatan

Hits Tourist Spot in Banyuwangi

De Djawatan is one of the places that are currently popular in Banyuwangi. This place is considered to be similar to the Fangorn Forest in The Lord of the Rings because it has towering and gigantic trees. Here you can see beautiful scenery accompanied by fresh air. Also, you can find various instagramable spots for photos! It's no wonder that this place is often used as a location for pre-wedding photos. By coming to De Djawatan, you are guaranteed to refresh your mind!

Songgon Pine Forest

Hits Tourist Spot in Banyuwangi

The Songgon Pine Forest is a forest belonging to Perhutani which is managed by the Forest Village Community Organization, Rimba Ayu. This place is located in Sumberbulu Village, Songgon District. Songgon Pine Forest has an interesting concept, which combines natural tourism with selfie themes. There you can find various photo spots such as hanging lanterns, hanging umbrellas, treehouses, hammocks, and many more! Apart from being satisfied with taking photos, you can do many activities here, such as riding a jeep, camping, archery, and horse riding. For the entrance ticket to the Songgon Pine Forest, you only need to pay around IDR 5,000

Jagir waterfall

Hits Tourist Spot in Banyuwangi

This tourist spot is perfect for those of you who are on vacation with your family because here you can be satisfied to see the beauty of nature while playing water. Jagir waterfall is located in Kampung Anyar Hamlet, Taman Suruh Village, Glagah District. This waterfall is very interesting because in one location there are three waterfalls, namely twin waterfalls, brothers' waterfalls, and angel waterfall. People often refer to it as a three in one waterfall. Besides that, there are also various stalls selling food and souvenirs here, you know! To enjoy the waterfall at Jagir Waterfall, you only need to pay IDR 5,000.

Those are some of the hit tourist spots in Banyuwangi that you must visit if you are on vacation in Banyuwangi.


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