Explore Beaches in Lampung There are Similar to the Maldives


If you want a vacation to the beach, Bali is not the only destination. Because actually, Indonesia has various beautiful beaches, one of which is the beach in Lampung. Moreover, now it is supported by a new pier at Merak-Bakauheni Port. Not only is it more comfortable, but the trip to Lampung is getting shorter now. It took approximately one hour to cross the Sunda Strait. Isn't that interesting?

Tegal Mas Island

Explore Beaches in Lampung There are Similar to the Maldives

Still have aspirations for a vacation to Maldives but the budget hasn't arrived? Yes, let's have a vacation to Tegal Mas Island first. The beauty of the beach here is no less interesting! In addition to its shape that already resembles a resort in the Maldives there, underwater tourism is no less special. You will definitely be fascinated by the natural wealth under the sea. Down there you can find beautiful rocks, various kinds of small fish, or even sea turtles if you're lucky. The facilities for marine sports here are also quite complete. Want to play banana boat, jetski, or canoe? Complete. Everything is here!

To get here, you have to cross from Sari Rutut Beach by boat. The location of Sari Renteng Beach is only 24 kilometers from the city of Lampung or an hour's drive. Well, the crossing time is also not long. To enjoy the beauty of Tegal Mas Island, the crossing only takes about 30 to 50 minutes. Get there this weekend!

Tanjung Setia Beach

Explore Beaches in Lampung There are Similar to the Maldives

Have you ever heard of the Krui area? One of the areas in Lampung is famous for its dolphin habitat. Well, in Krui there are several beaches, one of which is Tanjung Setia Beach. It is said that he said, this beach is called the beach targeted by world surfers because it has waves with a height of 6 to 7 meters. No half-hearted, up to 200 meters long!

Even though it has been the venue for the 'Krui Pro 2018' championship, aka an international surfing event, this beach is still not very popular because of its difficult access. For those of you who like to explore secluded beaches, this is perfect for you. From Bandar Lampung to Krui itself it takes 7 to 8 hours. But your beauty will pay off after enjoying the beauty of the beach here, right?

Walur Beach

Explore Beaches in Lampung There are Similar to the Maldives

With the volume of the waves that are not too big, Walur Beach is suitable for being a family vacation destination. Even though it is not the only beach with white sand in Lampung, Walur Beach is also decorated with lush green grass so that it adds to the beauty here. Not only that, but on this beach, you can also enjoy the cool breeze coupled with the view of coconut trees. It's complete if you drink coconut ice.

From downtown Krui, the distance that must be taken to get to Walur Beach is about 5 kilometers. Your trip here will be quite easy because the path is already smooth asphalt.

Tanjung Tuha Beach

Explore Beaches in Lampung There are Similar to the Maldives

The mandatory spot here is a tower that can make you see the beauty of the high seas and the children of Mount Krakatau. The cost to go up to the top of the Tower is also not expensive, just IDR 5,000. Besides being able to see the fantastic scenery, on Tanjung Tuha Beach there is also a group of stones known as Poetic Stones. Why is it called that? Because on these stones there are rags to mouths.

The location of Tanjung Tuha Beach is quite close to Bakauheni Harbor. Exiting the port, you will pass the Bakauheni Port gas station and after that, there will be a board showing the direction of Tanjung Tuha. You just have to follow the directions. About 6 kilometers from Jalan Lintas Sumatra, you can already find this Tanjung Tuha Beach. Happy holiday!

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