Savana in Indonesia that Pampers the Eye

Savana in Indonesia that Pampers the Eye

Routines that are repeated every day can be a source of fatigue and fatigue that you feel. Have you ever been to savanna in Indonesia? Instead of ending up angry and cynical, it's better to pause for a while to refresh your mind. Of course, if you are refreshing, you need a place away from the hustle and bustle and a calm atmosphere. Although some savanna must be reached by climbing a mountain, it is guaranteed that the beauty of the scenery that you get from the savanna in Indonesia will not make you regret it!

Savana Puru Kambera

Savana in Indonesia that Pampers the Eye

It is said that he said, this savanna which is located in East Sumba is the largest in Indonesia, you know. From the city of Waingapu, the distance that must be traveled is approximately 24 km. For adventurers, that kind of distance is normal, right? You won't regret it after traveling that far, because you will see horses that are released freely. The natural atmosphere is really good anyway! To see horses running freely in this savanna, you better come during the dry season.

Propok Savanna

Savana in Indonesia that Pampers the Eye

Who would have thought that on the Rinjani hiking trail, Lombok, there was a beautiful stretch of the green field? Apart from walking, you can reach this savanna from Wanasaba sub-district by using a pickup car. You just need to register with the Tourism Awareness Group or Pokdarwaris who are there, after that you will be escorted to the Sembalun hot spring and continue your journey to the savanna on foot in just 2 hours. The thing is, if you insist on walking from Wanasaba sub-district, it will take you approximately 10 hours to get to this savanna. So that's pretty good, right?

Savana Baluran

Savana in Indonesia that Pampers the Eye

Many people say that this savanna is very similar to the atmosphere of Africa. The problem is, have you been to Africa agree or not? Hehe. But regardless of whether they are similar or not, the beauty of the Baluran savanna located in Banyuwangi is also supported by the conservation of exotic natural animals. So don't be surprised if your trip to the Baluran savanna will be equipped with animals roaming the streets. Hihi… the name is also a National Park.

Savana Sadengan

Savana in Indonesia that Pampers the Eye

Going to another part of Banyuwangi, there is still a savanna that is no less beautiful than the others in the Alas Purwo National Park. Yes, the name is the Sadengan savanna. The animals that freely pass by here are no less interesting. Imagine, you can see deer, wild boar, deer, even leopards! Not only that, but in Alas Purwo National Park you can also find various kinds of birds such as Javanese eagles, srigunting, white starlings, and so on.

Savana Mount Merbabu

Savana in Indonesia that Pampers the Eye

Mountain lovers must be very familiar with this mountain located in Boyolali, Central Java, right? For those of you who don't want to climb Mount Merbabu, IamIndonesia will motivate you with the beauty of the savanna on this mountain. If you arrive at post 4 and head to post 5 while climbing this mountain, you will be treated to a beautiful view of the vast savanna. Have you ever wanted to climb the mountain yet?

Savana Mount Bromo

Savana in Indonesia that Pampers the Eye

The green of the savanna is located south of Mount Bromo. If you haven't been able to enjoy the natural beauty of the highlands of New Zealand, it's okay to practice here first. Hehe… Because the scenery here is no less beautiful than the scenery in New Zealand. In this savanna of Mount Bromo, you will find scattered ferns, weeds, and lavender. Those who want to save stock photos for posting on Instagram are perfect for making photo spots.

Savana Cikasur

Savana in Indonesia that Pampers the Eye

Throwback to the Dutch colonial era, it is said that the Cikasur savanna was once used as an airport. Hence, you will find the remains of the foundation and building on top of this Argopuro mountain. But historical evidence does not diminish the beauty of this Cikasur savanna. You can still enjoy the coolness and beauty that feels up there.

How the beauty of the various savanna above has aroused the desire to have a vacation yet? While thinking about which savanna to visit first?

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