Tourist Cities You Must Visit for Holidays!

Tourist Cities You Must Visit for Holidays!

You agree that Indonesia has a lot of natural beauty that you must explore. Each city in Indonesia also has its uniqueness. What is the reason you choose a city for vacation? Many tourist attractions, cheap, or have a history? You don't need to go far abroad, here IamIndonesia will discuss some tourist cities that you must visit for a vacation!


Tourist Cities You Must Visit for Holidays!

Malang is the second-largest city in East Java and is known as the city of students. Malang has many tourist attractions such as temples, museums, beaches, and many more. For those of you who want to have a vacation to Malang, you must visit one of the places visited by many tourists, namely Jatim Park. Jatim Park is a tourist spot in the Batu area that has a concept of recreation and education. Well, besides many tourist attractions, Malang also has many culinary delights that you must try. Eits, don't worry, the food here is affordable! Not only food but lodging prices in Malang are also cheap, you know!


Tourist Cities You Must Visit for Holidays!

Makassar is the largest metropolitan city in Eastern Indonesia. Makassar also has a complete variety of tours and culinary delights! If you go to Makassar, don't forget to visit the mainstay tourist destination, Losari Beach. Also, don't miss going to famous religious tours such as the Makassar Floating Mosque and the Makassar Grand Mosque. You can go around to various places using the unique transportation typical of Makassar city, namely pete-pete and bentor. Well, if you are satisfied visiting various places, you should try various Makassar culinary delights that are famous for their delights such as Coto Makassar, Pallu Basa, and Es Pisang Ijo. In Makassar, there are also many good hotel choices at affordable prices.


Tourist Cities You Must Visit for Holidays!

Bandung is one of the mainstay tourist cities for a vacation because there are many interesting places that can be visited. Moreover, the air is cold and surrounded by mountains, it will definitely make you feel at home and don't want to go home. In Bandung, there are also many iconic places such as Gedung Sate, Jalan Asia Afrika, Bandung Square, and many more. For those of you who want to vacation in Bandung, don't forget to visit tours in the Lembang and Ciwidey areas. When it comes to culinary delights, Bandung has a lot of delicious food that you must try. Starting from Seblak, Timbel Rice, Karedok, Shake Noodles, Surabi, everything is delicious! If you are on vacation in Bandung, you have to choose a hotel that is affordable so it's not extravagant!


Tourist Cities You Must Visit for Holidays!

Batam is one of the cities in the Riau Islands Province which has the most international ports in Indonesia. For those of you who choose to vacation in Batam, there are many interesting things you can do such as having fun at the Ocarina Batam Theme Park, seeing the beauty of Singapore from afar through Tanjung Pinggir Beach, and others. After you visit various tourist attractions in Batam, don't forget to take the time to shop in Nagoya. Here you can find various kinds of branded goods at affordable prices, you know! In Batam, you can find many lodging places that have complete facilities and affordable prices.


Tourist Cities You Must Visit for Holidays!

You must know that there are so many tourist attractions in Bali and there is no end. Temples, beaches, cafes, recreation areas? Everything is available! No wonder Bali has become a tourist wishlist for holidays. What are the things you should do if you go to Bali? You can enjoy the sunset in Canggu, explore beautiful beaches such as Sanur Beach and Nusa Dua Beach, enjoy the scenery in the West Bali National Park, and much more! You can also shop for souvenirs on Legian Street and Ubud Art Market. To make your vacation enjoyable, don't forget to also choose an affordable hotel in Bali. By having a vacation in Bali, you are guaranteed to be able to refresh your body and mind so that it will make you excited again to do activities!

Those are some choices of tourist cities that you must visit for a vacation.

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