Cheap Vacation Tips You Must Try!

If you are the type of person who wants a lot, get ready for your vacation to drain your pocket especially if you want to go to a nice place, try delicious food, luxurious transportation, and so on. This is also what is often felt by college students who have to set aside their pocket money to be able to go on vacation. So here IamIndonesia will share tips that you can do so you can save on your vacation costs!

Doing a Lot of Surveys

Cheap Vacation Tips You Must Try!

The first thing you should do is do a lot of surveys. This is very important for you to know in detail the tourist attractions you are going to. You can survey in various ways, from browsing to tourist exhibitions, to watching travel reviews on YouTube. That way you can find out the details of the costs that you will spend during your vacation in that place.

Order in advance

Cheap Vacation Tips You Must Try!

Another economical vacation tip is to book transportation tickets, lodging to entrance tickets to tourist attractions in advance. Orders made before D-day will usually get a cheaper special price, besides that you may also be able to get other interesting promos while you are on vacation.

Go During Low Season

Cheap Vacation Tips You Must Try!

Usually, many people have holidays or leave at the end of the year, holidays or long holidays. So, so that your vacation remains frugal, try to take a vacation during the low season, because during the high season, vacation costs will soar. That way, you can get cheaper ticket prices and of course, the tourist attractions you are going to will not be too crowded.

Record the Budget You Will Spend

Cheap Vacation Tips You Must Try!

In addition to research, the next budget vacation tip is to make a budget breakdown. This is important to control your spending during the holidays and estimate the costs you will use. The costs that you need to detail are the cost of lodging while you are there, transportation costs, accommodation, food costs and you also have to prepare unexpected costs to anticipate things that are not planned.

Maximize Promo

Cheap Vacation Tips You Must Try!

One of the strategies you need to support your vacation is to take advantage of promos well. Usually, many inns offer promos.

Find Cheap Food

Cheap Vacation Tips You Must Try!

To support a budget vacation, you also have to find out where to eat that is cheap but doesn't disappoint. Usually, typical food in an area will be more affordable. For example, in Jogja, you can taste the food in angkringan. To find out, you can do some research first by reading a lot of articles and asking a lot of questions with those who have often gone to the place.

Invite Other Friends for Vacation Together

Cheap Vacation Tips You Must Try!

To be more efficient, you can invite your friends on vacation together. You can also join an open trip, because the more participants on the open trip, the price per person will be cheaper. Usually, the cost of lodging and meals is also included in the price you pay.

That's some information about frugal vacation tips.

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