Culinary Tourism in Purwokerto You Must Try

If you go to Purwokerto, don't just take a walk but also try to taste the special food. In this city, you will find a lot of culinary attractions that are appetizing. For more details, IamIndonesia will discuss more clearly Culinary Tourism in Purwokerto.

Soto Sampun

Culinary Tourism in Purwokerto You Must Try

When you go to Purwokerto, you will find lots of Soto shops. One of the Soto shops that you must try is Soto Sampun. Compared to other soups, Soto Sampun has a quite unique taste because it uses a mixture of peanut sauce and it will be even more delicious if you eat it using tauco. Soto Sampun is made from vermicelli, chicken, and a sprinkling of fried onions. If you want something more filling, you can eat it with rice.


Culinary Tourism in Purwokerto You Must Try

If you want to try dining in an elegant place, come to Ambalika. Although the place is stunning, the food menus here have affordable prices ranging from IDR 50,000 to IDR 200,000. Andalika serves a wide selection of food menus, ranging from Indonesian cuisine to Chinese food.

Gubug Makan Mang Engking

Culinary Tourism in Purwokerto You Must Try

In addition to the typical food of Purwokerto, you can also try Sundanese specialties at Gubug Makan Mang Engking. The mainstay menu that you can find here is the honey-grilled shrimp with a super jumbo size.

Tempe mendoan

Culinary Tourism in Purwokerto You Must Try

This one food is a typical Purwokerto food. In Purwokerto you can easily find tempe mendoan sellers. The ingredients for making tempe mendoan are very simple, namely tempeh and wheat flour. Even so, this typical Purwokerto food has a different taste from most fried tempeh.

At Café Campus

Culinary Tourism in Purwokerto You Must Try

For those of you who like to hang out, Purwokerto has a cool place that you can visit, namely At Café Campus. This restaurant is still part of the Hotel Wisata Niaga Campus. The atmosphere here feels very comfortable with its contemporary design for those of you who like taking photos. Here you can taste light menus such as fried rice and contemporary instant noodles which are processed in different ways.


Culinary Tourism in Purwokerto You Must Try

For those of you who like western cuisine, Rave can be an interesting recommendation while you are in Purwokerto. Not only serving delicious food, but Rave is also often used as a place for special events. Here you will not be bored because there is entertainment in the form of great live music.

Red Chili

Culinary Tourism in Purwokerto You Must Try

To dine with family, Red Chili can be a suitable location for you to visit. Red Chili has the concept of a blend of restaurant and café. Here you can also hold small parties such as birthdays or reunions. One of the culinary attractions in Purwokerto also has an outdoor section in the form of a garden that is comfortable for sitting in the afternoon.

Soto Sukoraja

Culinary Tourism in Purwokerto You Must Try

The next typical Purwokerto soup that you can try is Soto Sukoraja. There are two choices of soto that you can enjoy at Soto Sukaraja, namely beef soup and chicken soup. The thing that distinguishes Soto Sukaraja from Soto, in general, is the thick sauce.

Table Nine Kitchen & Resto

Culinary Tourism in Purwokerto You Must Try

Another interesting restaurant that you can find in Purwokerto is Table Nine Kitchen & Resto. Here you can try the unique porridge menu. If possible other places offer the usual chicken porridge menu, here you can try the red chicken porridge menu. The chicken meat served in this chicken porridge is so tender, and also the porridge feels very thick. The thing that makes the chicken taste different is the way it is prepared. Before being mixed, the chicken meat is processed first by roasting.

That's some information about culinary tourism in Purwokerto.

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