Reasons You Must Vacation to Bengkulu

Bengkulu is one of the leading tourist destinations in Indonesia. Although rarely recommended, the province, dubbed the Rafflesia Flower, actually has a special charm and is no less cool than other tourist destinations in the country. Here are the attractions that are the reason you must vacation in Bengkulu.

Tracing the History of Indonesia

Reasons You Must Vacation to Bengkulu
Fort Marlborough, a destination for those of you who want to vacation in Bengkulu.

Did you know that Bengkulu is an important historical witness for Indonesia? In the 1930s, Bengkulu became a place of exile for a number of activists supporting independence, including the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir Soekarno. Precisely in Anggut Village, Ratu Samban District, Bengkulu. At this time Soekarno also met Fatmawati who would later become his wife. Fatmawati's house is now a historical tourist spot that can be visited in Bengkulu.

There is also the fort Marlborough, a British heritage building that was built from 1713 to 1719 during the reign of Governor Joseph Collet. Located on the shores of Tapak Padri Beach, you can explore the history of British defense through its buildings, weapons equipment, photos, and documents that are still well preserved, while enjoying the view of the beach from the top of the fort.

You can also visit other historical buildings that are popular in this city, such as Inggris Jitra Tomb, Sentot Alibasyah's Tomb, Bengkulu Jamik Mosque.

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

Reasons You Must Vacation to Bengkulu

Bengkulu is blessed with beautiful and enchanting natural beauty. Just look at the rows of beaches and mountains which are the advantages of Bengkulu tourism. You can enjoy the waves with clear seawater, surf, taste fresh seafood, and relax at Panjang Beach to Linau Beach. Or, you can climb the mountain while seeing the Rafflesia Arnoldi flowers, lakes, and waterfalls in the vicinity.

Not only that. Bengkulu is also able to present natural panoramas that are still preserved in their authenticity in the most popular natural attraction, Dendam Tak Sudah Lake. In addition to seeing the clear expanse of lake water, visitors will be accompanied by dozens of small birds, swamp forests, and various types of flowers in the nature reserve area. Don't miss the exotic rock cliffs and the fresh waterfalls.

Get to know Cultural and Customary Wealth

Reasons You Must Vacation to Bengkulu
Tabot Festival, one of the shows that can be seen when on vacation to Bengkulu.

Bengkulu is also rich in art and culture which we can see when visiting there. Just try to visit right in the month of Maharam, you can attend the Tabot Festival where the event will be accompanied by parades, bazaars, folk markets, and various traditional food vendors, and the booming of dol (traditional musical instruments).

Well, for those of you who like to hunt for art to be used as souvenirs, Besurek Fabric with a Rafflesia pattern can be a cool choice. Don't forget to try the culinary specialties of grilled jingrak fish, lontong tunjang, and Bengkulu coffee which are mouth-watering.

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