Aceh Food You Must Try!


Aceh is one of the regions in Indonesia that implements the sharia system. Dubbed as Veranda of Mecca, Aceh has many unique cultures and diverse foods. For those of you who want to vacation in Aceh, here IamIndonesia will recommend some Aceh specialties that you must try!

Aceh noodles

Aceh Food You Must Try!

Who is not familiar with this food. Almost everywhere in Indonesia, you can find Aceh noodles. Mie Aceh has two variants, namely gravy and fried with a spicy and savory taste. For the ingredients, Aceh noodles consist of a mixture of noodles with various kinds of complements such as seafood and beef. So, take the time to try it.

Matang Satay

Aceh Food You Must Try!

Matang Satay is made from mutton or beef that is covered with Aceh spices so that it produces a savory taste when eaten. In contrast to other satays which are only doused with peanut sauce or soy sauce, cooked satay is served with Soto sauce so that the taste is even more refreshing.

Catch Chicken

Aceh Food You Must Try!

Another Aceh traditional food is catching chicken. This one-dish consists of pieces of fried chicken mixed with green chilies and temurui leaves. For how to cook it, this chicken is stir-fried and served with a sprinkling of fried onions. You can eat it with warm white rice which makes this food feel filling.

Pliek U Sauce

Aceh Food You Must Try!

Next, there is pliek u sauce which is a typical food of West Aceh. This dish has a strong philosophy in its place of origin because it is a symbol of the close diversity and kinship of the Aceh people. For that, the presentation is placed in a large cauldron. The composition consists of several ingredients, including young jackfruit, melinjo leaves, melinjo fruit, banana heart, shrimp, coconut to young kates. All of these ingredients are cooked in a sauce with special spices that make it taste delicious.

Keu-eung Masem Soup

Aceh Food You Must Try!

Another soup dish native to Aceh is sour keu-eung. The ingredients of the keu-eung sour sauce are small fish that are processed with spices such as shallots, garlic, sunti acid, turmeric, and others. For the taste itself, this masem keu-eung sauce tastes sour and spicy, perfect for those of you who like to eat culinary with that taste.

Timpahan Cake

Aceh Food You Must Try!

Not only heavy food that you can find in Aceh, but here you can also taste timpahan cake. As for the texture, the timpahan cake has a chewy texture. As for the filling, the timpahan cake has two flavors, namely a mixture of srikaya and banana. To process it, the dumplings are wrapped in young banana leaves and are usually found during Eid al-Fitr in Aceh.

Jerky Aceh

Aceh Food You Must Try!

The beef jerky in Aceh is similar to the beef jerky in Padang. This food is made from beef that is cut into thin strips and then processed with Aceh spices. Unlike rendang, the beef used here is made dry, so Aceh jerky can last for days because it has been dried to slow down bacterial growth.

Martabak Aceh

Aceh Food You Must Try!

Martabak Aceh has a unique taste, because it is made from cane bread on the outside, then mixed with a sprinkling of red onions, green chilies equipped with chili sauce. Usually, people in Aceh eat this food at night.

Goat Curry

Aceh Food You Must Try!

Next, there is a typical Aceh goat curry. Usually, goat curry is cooked with Aceh spices in a large cauldron. The presentation is also very unique in that it must always be hot. Usually, this goat curry feels soft because it is cooked for quite a long time. That's some information about Aceh's special food. What do you like to eat the most

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