West Bali National Park Destinations for Weekend Getaways

West Bali National Park Destinations for Weekend Getaways

For those who are dizzy with work or feel bored, let's start planning a vacation on the weekend! IamIndonesia recommends that you stop by the West Bali National Park! We will also tell you some of the things you can do there.

See the Bali Starling Breeding Center in Brumbun Bay

West Bali National Park Destinations for Weekend Getaways

Brumbun Bay is an area within the West Bali National Park that is used as a breeding ground for the Bali Starling. If you're wondering whether the Bali Starling has been kept in captivity, the answer is because this species is about to become extinct! While there is captivity, this area can really be used as an educational tour for your little one.

Until here, you will find a room made of wire, which is intended as a cage for the Bali Starlings. Don't worry, don't think negatively. The space for these birds to live is quite large. So even in the 'cage', they can still move freely.

Enjoying Hot Springs in Banyuwedang

West Bali National Park Destinations for Weekend Getaways

Not only can you go on an adventure, but in this West Bali National Park, you can also relax. In Banyuwedang, you can enjoy the beauty of life by soaking in hot springs while enjoying the sea view. The atmosphere is very relaxed, right?

Although it is located by the sea, the hot water here can reach 40 degrees Celsius. The sulfur content here is also quite high, so if you feel you have a problem with your skin, it is recommended to stop by here. That's calculated while refreshing your mind so that when you get back from work you won't be too dizzy, right?

Visiting the Terima Bay for Beautiful Photos at the Temple

West Bali National Park Destinations for Weekend Getaways

Although the famous temple here is usually called the Terima Bay Temple, the temple actually has another name, namely Jaya Prana Temple. For those who don't know, Jaya Prana is a child who was raised by the King of Buleleng long ago. Even the cemetery is in this area.

Because of the exotic shape of the temple, it is not surprising that many people make this temple the object of photographs. The journey here is also quite challenging because you have to go through several stairs surrounded by forest. But you can still take photos.

Seeing the Underwater Beauty of Menjangan Island

West Bali National Park Destinations for Weekend Getaways

Besides being famous for its land tourism, West Bali National Park is also a champion in terms of underwater tourism. Because it is located close to Menjangan Island, you can also snorkel or even dive. Enjoying the underwater scenery decorated with beautiful coral reefs and fish you can do here.

Its name is also Menjangan Island, so don't be surprised if you find a lot of deer here. If you're cool to relax sitting on the beach, it's not uncommon for the deer to relax there too.


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