Banten Tourism Destinations That Spoil the Eyes

Banten has a natural charm that is still rarely glimpsed by tourists. Although the distance to the capital city is quite close, most people in Jakarta prefer to vacation in Bandung or Yogyakarta. The province at the western tip of Java Island stores a variety of exotic natural attractions and is still relatively rarely touched by tourists. Banten tourism will bring you to find a new travel experience.

For those of you who like to explore nature, Banten can be your tourist destination this time. You can find a variety of natural charms from lakes, seas, beaches, waterfalls, forests, and many others. Traveling to enjoy the beauty of nature will recharge your energy. The sound of the wind blowing the trees, the gurgling of water, and the sound of the waves can make your mind more relaxed. If you are planning a nature tour to Banten, maybe the following places can be your list of places to go.

Ujung Kulon National Park

Banten Tourism Destinations That Spoil the Eyes

As the name suggests, the location of this national park is located at the western tip of the island. Not only covers the mainland, but also several nearby islands. Ujung Kulon National Park has a main function to protect the one-horned rhino. One of the animals that are already threatened with extinction because there is so few of them. These animals are hunted by poachers for their horns.

For those of you who want to travel as well as see how to conserve endangered species, this place is the right choice. You can't just see rhinos. You can also be trekking, camping, and see the wild more closely.

Baduy Village

Banten Tourism Destinations That Spoil the Eyes

Baduy village is the residence of the Baduy indigenous people who are the original tribes of Banten. They have local wisdom that is very different from the city community in general. The Baduy tribe who cares about the natural environment strictly adheres to customary regulations, such as not being allowed to use transportation, electrical equipment, chemical technology, cutting down trees, etc.

It sounds strange, but with the existence of these customary regulations, the environment where the Baduy live is finally preserved. The water flows clearly. The trees are lush and green. This Banten tour can make you learn to love and appreciate nature more.

Ciberang River Rafting

Banten Tourism Destinations That Spoil the Eyes

For nature lovers, it seems incomplete if you haven't tried a tourist destination that stimulates adrenaline. White water rafting is an activity that you can choose to pump up your adrenaline while traveling to Banten. One of the most famous places to try this extreme sport is the Ciberang River Rafting.

On the way here, you will pass through beautiful mountains. Arriving at the Ciberang River you will also see a sparkling stream of water. However, to be able to raft to the maximum, you must first make sure the river water is flowing fast or not, because sometimes the water of the Ciberang River is dry so it is not suitable for rafting.

Sangiang Island

Banten Tourism Destinations That Spoil the Eyes

This island is located in the Sunda Strait. You need 45 minutes to sail by boat from Anyer Beach to get to Sangiang Island. This 700-hectare island is very beautiful to choose as a tourist destination when you go to Banten. The sea is clear and the island area is kept clean, guaranteed to make you feel at home for long here.

On Sangiang Island, you can try various tours such as marine tourism, cultural tourism, scientific tourism, and of course nature tourism. Now for those who like history, there is one more thing that will make you very happy to come to Sangiang Island. Here there is an old Japanese fort that you can see clearly. Interesting right?

Banten tourism is really interesting to explore because nature is still very natural. You have to try Banten so that your days are not boring and just like that.

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