Interesting Tourist Attractions in Aceh to Visit

Located at the northern tip of Sumatra Island, Aceh is one of the interesting tourist destinations that you can make your next tourist destination. Dubbed as Veranda of Mecca, the city is considered the place where Islam was first spread in Indonesia. Here you can see various amazing historical tours and natural beauty such as beaches and waterfalls. For more details, here IamIndonesia will discuss tourist attractions in Aceh that are interesting for you to visit.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Aceh to Visit

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque has become a popular landmark in Banda Aceh, so it feels incomplete if you don't visit it. Baiturrahman Grand Mosque became very popular after the 2004 tsunami. At that time, this mosque was still standing strong after being hit by the big waves of the tsunami, even though the surroundings had been ravaged. Behind it all, the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque has an amazing architectural beauty. On the inside of the mosque, you can see many carvings bearing verses from the Koran. This mosque also has a large courtyard and a pool in the style of the Ottoman Empire, which makes it one of the most beautiful mosques in Indonesia.

Tsunami Museum

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Aceh to Visit

To commemorate the 2004 tsunami, a museum called the Tsunami Museum in Banda Aceh was established. This museum is divided into several rooms, starting from the tsunami hallway, memory room, prayer well, chimney passage, to the bridge of hope. Entering the tsunami hallway, you can hear the roar of water and run that reminds visitors of the coming tsunami at that time. This aisle is known as the space of fear. Then, in the memory room, you will see 26 monitors which symbolize the tsunami incident at that time, namely December 26, 2004. Each monitor displays photos and pictures of tsunami victims.

You can also see a cylindrical prayer well. The height of this wall is about 30 meters and there are 2 thousand names who are victims of the tsunami disaster at that time. Next, there is a chimney room where you can see a hallway designed with a winding floor. The meaning of the design is the confusion, fear, and despair felt by the people of Aceh at that time. After that, there is a bridge of hope where you can see 54 flags from 54 countries that helped the Acehnese people affected by the tsunami. On each flag is written the word peace according to the language of each country.

Iboih Beach

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Aceh to Visit

For those of you who want to see the natural beauty in Aceh, you can visit Iboih Beach. You can see its beauty from the fine white sand of the beach combined with clear blue seawater. With its beauty, many couples make Iboih Beach a place for their honeymoon. The calm atmosphere is also suitable for those of you who want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty that is here. Visitors can do various interesting activities from snorkeling to diving to see the beauty below because the water here is very clear.

Lhoknga Beach

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Aceh to Visit

Another beautiful beach that you can see in Aceh is Lhoknga Beach. The seawater is still very clear and the white sand is the main attraction of this beach. Lhoknga Beach is about 20 km from the city of Banda Aceh. The shoreline of Lhoknga is quite sloping so you can do beach sports around it. In addition, tourists are also allowed to surf because the waves here are quite challenging, which can reach 1.5 to 2 meters. In the afternoon you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset.

Cut Nyak Dien's House

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Aceh to Visit

The figure of Cut Nyak Dien became an important icon for Aceh because he was famous for his struggle and courage. For his contribution to the people of Aceh, the Cut Nyak Dien House was established in Banda Aceh. This place is perfect for you to visit with your family and children to get to know more about this hero. Inside the Cut Nyak Dien House, you can see the archives of his struggle in expelling the invaders. This house is only a replica because the original house burned down in 1896. The original part of this house is a high well where you can get to the second floor of Cut Nyak Dien's house.

Suhom Waterfall

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Aceh to Visit

Suhom Waterfall is located in Suhom Village, Lhoong District, Aceh Besar. To get here you have to go up and down first. In the middle of the trip, you can enjoy views of the mountains of Paro and Kulu. In addition, you also don't need to be surprised because there will be monkeys roaming along the road. This waterfall has a height of about 50 meters which is divided into three levels. However, visitors who come are not allowed to go up to level two or three of this waterfall for safety reasons because of the high-voltage power plant. The visitors who come are also allowed to swim in the lake which has a depth of two meters. You can also relax in the gazebo that has been provided.

Lampuuk Beach

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Aceh to Visit

One of the other beautiful beaches that you can visit in Aceh is Lampuuk Beach. This beach has a length of about 5 km from south to north with soft white sand. On the right and left of the beach, there are coral cliffs at the end of the beach. The tourists who come here can do various activities ranging from sunbathing, swimming, surfing to playing banana boat. One of the exciting activities here is where you can see turtle conservation where you can take part in releasing hatchlings (turtle chicks) into the open sea.

That's some information about tourist attractions in Aceh that are interesting for you to visit. Have you ever been to some of these places?

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