The charm of the Yogyakarta Palace that is not consumed by time

The charm of the Yogyakarta Palace that is not consumed by time

Most domestic and foreign tourists who visit Yogyakarta must be familiar with the Yogyakarta Palace. This place is the official palace of the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate and until now still functions as the sultan's residence. Although the sultanate has been part of the Republic of Indonesia since 1950, life in the palace still carries on the tradition of the sultanate to this day.

Yogyakarta Palace is one of the tourist attractions in the DIY province. Some of the palace complexes are also now used as museums that store various collections of the sultanate, including various souvenirs given by kings in Europe, replicas of palace heirlooms, and gamelan which are all historic.

In terms of buildings, this palace is called the best example of Javanese palace architecture. Do you know who the architect who designed this magnificent building is?

The architect of the Yogyakarta palace is Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, the founder of the Yogyakarta sultanate itself. It is said that his expertise in the field of architecture was recognized by ancient Dutch scientists. The main building and the basic spatial design of the Yogyakarta Palace were completed in 1755-1756. But over time, other buildings were added by the next Sultans of Yogyakarta. Well, the shape of the palace that appears today, is mostly the result of restoration carried out by Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII.

Location, Entrance Ticket, and Regulations at the Yogyakarta Palace

The charm of the Yogyakarta Palace that is not consumed by time

It will not be difficult for any tourist to find the Yogyakarta Palace. With google maps or with the help of residents, anyone will get there easily. Yogyakarta Palace is in the middle of the city. Close to the center of the busy Malioboro street.

If you arrive in Yogyakarta by train and get off at Tugu Yogyakarta station, you can even go to the palace area on foot while tracing Malioboro street.

The palace area is open to tourists every day except Monday, from 08.30 am to 03.00 pm. There is an entrance ticket that must be paid for, but don't worry, you won't feel like leaving it! Inside, you will be accompanied by a tour guide to get around. At certain times, there are also art performances held in the palace area. If you are interested in watching it, don't forget to check the updated schedule.

Remember that even if you are traveling, the place you are visiting is the residence of the Sultan's family and has cultural values ​​that are highly respected. Some rules must be obeyed as a form of respect as a host. These regulations include; prohibited from taking pictures with their backs to the palace, prohibited from taking photos with their backs to courtiers, prohibited from wearing hats in the palace area, prohibited from sitting in any place, prohibited from bringing any object with wheels, prohibited from touching objects in the museum and palace area, and must ask permission first if you want to take a photo.

You should schedule a visit to Yogyakarta Palace at least once. Seeing the history of the city, which is now one of the favorite tourist destinations from time to time, might make you love it even more.

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