Interesting Tourist Attractions in Medan to Visit


Medan is one of the largest cities on the island of Sumatra which has many complete facilities. This is why this city has developed into a favorite tourist spot not only for domestic tourists but also for foreign tourists. Besides there are many interesting tourist attractions, Medan also has many delicious traditional foods. Well, so that your vacation time is more enjoyable, here IamIndonesia will discuss a travel guide to Medan that you can try.

Medan is a big city that includes many tourist attractions ranging from natural attractions with beautiful views to historical tours with magnificent architecture. For more details, the following explanation.

Toba Lake

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Medan to Visit

One of the most famous and iconic tourist attractions in Medan is Lake Toba. This tourist spot is special because it is the largest lake in Indonesia, even so large, Lake Toba is very similar to the ocean. In the past, INI Lake was formed from volcanic processes that occurred in Southeast Asia. Because of its very large size, in Lake Toba, you can find an island, namely Samosir Island. The depth itself reaches up to 450 meters. You can also see the beauty of the city of Prapat which is a peninsula that stands out on the lake.

Medan City Grand Mosque

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Medan to Visit

For you Muslims, visit the Great Mosque of Medan City. The place has also become one of the iconic in the city of Medan. More than 111 years old, the Medan City Grand Mosque has a design that is a mixture of various regions ranging from Spain, the Middle East, and India. Until now the Grand Mosque is still used as a place of worship. On the outside of the mosque, you can see a pond that makes the mosque look even more beautiful. You can visit the Grand Mosque during Ramadan because at that time there will be a Ramadhan Fair which is always held every year.

Maimun Palace

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Medan to Visit

Both have beautiful architecture, Maimun Palace should be included in the list of tourist destinations that must be visited. Designed by Sultan Mahmud al Rasyid in 1888, Maimun Palace itself is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Medan. This tourist spot is also quite magnificent with an area of about 2772 square meters equipped with 30 rooms. During a visit to Maimun Palace, you can try on the royal clothes which are indeed rented out to visitors who come. The tourists can visit Maimun Palace during the day because at night Maimun Palace will be closed to the public.

Lumbini Pagoda Tourist Park

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Medan to Visit

Medan also has tourist attractions similar to those in Thailand, namely Lumbini Pagoda Tourism Park. The architectural scenery at this tourist spot looks very beautiful with a gold layer, making the pagodas look very striking. The pagoda in Lumbini Pagoda Park is also one of the tallest pagodas in Indonesia. The design and shape of the pagoda is a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda or Yangon Golden Pagoda in Myanmar. Don't forget to try out a suspension bridge decorated with dozens of lanterns here. The beauty of the scenery at the Lumbini Pagoda Wisara Park is even more perfect with the parks around the tourist location.

Mount Sebiyak

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Medan to Visit

For those of you who like hiking, Mount Sebiyak is the right choice. This mountain itself is a volcano that is still active even today. You can get the best moments in the morning and evening, namely when the sun rises and sets. Capture your vacation moments on Mount Sebiyak by taking pictures above the crater which has an area of about 40,000 meters.

That's some information about tourist attractions in Medan for your fun holiday. What do you most want to do when you visit Medan?

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