Historic Tourist Places in Padang City

Historic Tourist Places in Padang City

The city of Padang has many historical buildings that are hundreds of years old. For history lovers, these places should not be missed when visiting the city of Padang. In addition to the iconic buildings, the places below are silent witnesses of developments in Padang city.

The city of Padang is indeed one of the big cities in Indonesia which has played a major role in the development of the history of the Indonesian nation. Formerly this city was known as a port and trading city during the colonial period. This is also where many great figures were born. No wonder Padang has many historical heritage buildings that are still preserved to this day. You can use the places below as a reference for historical tourism in the city of Padang.

Bank Indonesia Padang Museum (De Javasche Bank)

Historic Tourist Places in Padang City

The Bank Indonesia Padang Museum or in Dutch called De Javasche Bank is an old building that used to function as a bank. During the Dutch colonial period, this building was the office of the DJB Agentschap Padang branch. This building has been established in 1864 and after Indonesia's independence, this building was converted as a Padang branch of Bank Indonesia. Unfortunately, Bank Indonesia Padang only operated until 1977 and now this building has been transformed into the Bank Indonesia Padang Museum.

Padangsche Spaarbank

Historic Tourist Places in Padang City

Padangsche Spaarbank was built around 1908 during the Dutch colonial period. This building has a typical European neo-classical style that was popular in the early 20th century. There are three large windows on the second floor and a very large entrance with large windows on either side.

This historic Padang City Tour is located at the end of Jalan Batang Aru. Previously, Padangsche Spaarbank had functioned as an office for the West Sumatra Savings Bank, but from 1994 to 2009 it changed its function to a hotel. Now Padangsche Spaarbank functions as a historical tourist spot that is free to visit by tourists.

Padang City Hall Building

Historic Tourist Places in Padang City

The Padang City Hall building is the next historical tourist spot in Padang. The location is located on Street M. Yamin, West Padang, Padang City. This building began to be built from 1931 to 1936 which means it took up to 5 years. The Padang City Hall building has an art deco architectural style designed by a Dutch architect named Thomas Karsten.

The Pagaruyung Kingdom

Historic Tourist Places in Padang City

The Pagaruyung Kingdom is one of the old kingdoms that once controlled the West Sumatra region. Although it is not known for sure when this kingdom began to exist but based on the Batusangkar inscription it is known that Adityawarman was once the king of the Pagaruyung kingdom. But this kingdom collapsed due to the Padri War. Even though it has collapsed, the name of the Pagaruyung Kingdom is enshrined in a cultural museum.

The Pagaruyung Kingdom is a tourist spot in the historic city of Padang. The location is at Street Diponegoro No. 10, West Padang, Padang City. This place has a fairly complete collection of Minangkabau culture and Padang history.

Muhammadan Mosque

Historic Tourist Places in Padang City

This mosque is very old because it has been around since 1843. Even though it is hundreds of years old, the Muhammadan Mosque still stands strong today. The mosque, which has a touch of Indian culture, was built by Indian Muslims who used to live in the Muara Harbor area. Muhammadan Mosque is located on Street Pasa Batipuh, Pasa Gadang, South Padang, Padang City.

Those are some historical tourist attractions in Padang that you must visit if you are on vacation to Padang.

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